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December 11th, 2016    |    by Melissa Browne    |    No Comments

An introvert’s guide to the silly season

I have a confession to make. I really don’t like the silly season. We’ll ignore the fact that this is a really busy time for all of my businesses and this year I’ve been dealing with an unexpected bout of asthma because it truly wouldn’t make a difference. All it does is give me an even better reason to be the Grinch.

Now, I get that I should like this time of year. There is a ton of excuses to get frocked up which I delight in and to drink champagne at pretty much every event, be it morning, midday or evening. The thing is, I’m an introvert. So even the idea of donning fabulous shoes every night isn’t enough to get me excited.

The problem with this time of year however is there are just a ton of things you have to turn up to. And you can’t just cancel your workdays to recover. Which is why if you’re at introvert who is looking at your diary for the next two weeks and starting to feel queasy, this is my go-to guide for finishing the tail end of the silly season with your sanity still intact:

  • Say no strategically. If you’re like me, your diary could be full of events and functions every lunchtime, most evenings and all weekends from now until the big day. Which, if you’re like me, makes you want to dive under your doona cover and not emerge until the safety of January 2nd. Which is why you need to say no. Yes, you may feel obligated but tis the season to pick your battles. Work out the events you really want to attend, the ones you really should attend and then send an apology to the rest.
  • Send someone else. If you have a team or a business partner, make sure you divvy up the events so you’re not shattered while everyone else is cruising. I’m a big fan of sending team members in pairs so they have safety in numbers but can still mingle, socialise and our businesses are appropriately represented.
  • Defer, defer, defer.  Yes people may want to catch up with you before Christmas. They may even insist. The thing is, there are fifty two more weeks that you can do that. Organise a summer catch up and defer to the calmer months of January when if the relationship is important you can be more present and enjoy the company of the person you’re with.
  • Create moments of calm. I’m a huge fan of this. Whether it’s ensuring a Sunday is completely clear of events (but blocking it out as if it is unavailable and telling people you’re busy), starting later one weekday morning or keeping up habits of meditating and exercising. It’s so important for an introvert to make sure you have pockets of stillness and quiet where, most importantly, there is no-one around to sap your energy.

Of course, there are other moves you can perfect which, if you’re an introvert, no doubt you’re already expert at. Moves like the phantom and the ghost walk. Of course, I believe the move that’s most important is the one where you’re kind to yourself. After all, only an introvert knows the effort this time of year takes. It’s not that we’re anti-partying, we just can’t deal with it every night. Which is why if you see us occasionally looking longingly at the exit or checking our watch, don’t be offended.  We’re just thinking longingly of a cup of tea, some reality TV and our bed.

For me, the best part of the silly season is the four weeks of hibernation that comes at the end of it. That’s my trick for getting through it – making sure you create your own silver lining. Oh and for those events that you do choose to be at – make sure for the time you are there – you’re really present with the mindset that for that one moment you’ll shed the Grinch and embrace the silly season. PS Champagne helps.





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