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November 26th, 2017    |    by Melissa Browne    |    No Comments

Let’s get Crass about Cash

“I’m of the belief that discussing people’s pay and contracts is crass and unhelpful” were Georgie Gardner’s words this week and upon reading it, I was immediately disappointed.

For years now, I’ve been on a mission to point out that money is one of society, and particularly women’s last taboos. Nice girls don’t talk about it and we certainly don’t own up to wanting more of it. Which is why I was so disappointed to read Georgie so publicly state that talking about money and contracts is crass.

That’s because I already know so many women who believe that money is crass. That it’s impolite to talk about finances. That it’s unfeminine for women to discuss cash and particularly wanting more of it. It’s a judgement I rally against on an almost daily basis when working with clients, when speaking to groups and when writing about money.

What we need are more women willing to talk about money, not making judgement calls on whether it’s OK.

Which is why I was so disappointed that Georgie chose to use the word crass. It’s not a word we use everyday and it means that the person shows no intelligence or sensitivity.  The Merrian-Webster definition goes so far as to define crass as having or indicating such grossness of mind as precludes delicacy and discrimination; being beneath one’s dignity; to be guided by or indicative of base or materialistic values.  Now, there are many words Georgie could have used. She could have suggested she preferred to keep her contract private would have been my choice but to suggest talking about it is crass?

I mean, seriously Ms Gardner.

My question for Georgie as we continue to discuss the gender pay debate is, how is suggesting that wage conversations are crass helping women speak up about their own pay issues?

Which is why I suggest as women that we don’t shy away from the debate but instead, we own that word: crass. I suggest that women become crass and classless and choose to talk about money. Let’s embrace our vulgarity and choose to have deep and serious conversations about cash. After all, if we’re going to be financially resilient, financially well and ever to close the gender gap then perhaps we need to roll around in the gutter together.

I mean, let’s get f*cking serious and talk about money.

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