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I’m the author of two innovative, illustrated books on business and money that you’ll actually want to read.

More Money for Shoes

The first is More Money for Shoes which is an innovative, full-colour, illustrated business book written for women in business (or women thinking about starting a business). It’s designed to show you that building a successful and profitable business can be just like shaping a fabulous wardrobe.

The book couples business essentials with relatable fashion analogies, navigating the often intimidating world of business ownership. From composing goals and plans, to dealing with the often feared critical numbers, in it I’ll show you how to organise, throw out, build and create a business that will work for you. In the Business Basics section of the book I compare business concepts to wardrobe essentials to explain difficult business concepts. So White Shirts and Systems, the Little Black Dress and Cashflow or Jeans and Pricing. It’s a unique and innovative approach that demystifies the sometimes scary world of business.

So if you’re a woman in business, thinking about starting a business, you’re doing the accounts and running the office of your husband’s business and find yourself in business by default or you simply love the idea of one day maybe having a go… this book is for you.

“I believe, that like a great cocktail ring or a killer pair of heels, More Money For Shoes is the secret weapon that will take you from being ordinary (and perhaps confused) to extraordinary in the business world.
This book is a refreshing and vivid exploration of the journey and opportunities available to women in business. Melissa manages to create a light-hearted guide for any woman already in the corporate world, or looking to embark on the journey. I particularly like the way she has identified the synergies between how we operate and see the world as women in day-to-day life, and how these principles can translate into the workplace. Anyone who can liken wearing Spanx to a business plan definitely has a gift for the written word. Certainly not another stuffy business book.”

Naomi Simson – Founding Director, RedBalloon

“Any resource that encourages women to be financially brave and independent gets a massive tick from me. Melissa has penned a great book, and has woven in her personal experiences and anecdotes beautifully. Bravo!”

Emma Isaacs – CEO, Business Chicks

…the book should come with a warning – do not read before bed! I reinvented my whole business until about 3 this morning after reading the first few chapters.

Kirsten Flavell – Kirstel Flavell Photography

Fabulous but Broke

Fabulous but Broke is my latest book and has been designed as a gorgeous coffee table book designed to start conversations about money. First things first: this is not a how-to book There are many, many great self-help tomes available, but this isn’t one of them. Instead, it’s a how-are-you-thinking book. Confused? Let me explain. The concept for this book started with a conversation I had with my next-door neighbour. His daughter had just moved home and her father remarked in passing that he hoped she would meet a nice bloke soon, so she could move out and buy a house. I remember being shocked by his comment and wondering whether his daughter had received that message from her dad and was now carrying it around with her: that she needed to meet a nice bloke so she could move out and buy a home of her own. I wondered what this would mean for her financially if she didn’t meet a nice bloke, or if she met one in 20 years’ time, particularly if she wasn’t motivated to do anything with her finances in the meantime. This book is designed to help you change that. My hope is that it will act as a mirror to show you the money messages you’re carrying around with you and then – fingers crossed – inspire you to do something about them Fabulous But Broke is a collection of financial fairytales which highlight money messages we carry with us and suggest an alternative, happy ending. From these stories I hope you will be inspired to write your own financial fairytale to make the right decisions for financial freedom, opportunity and happiness for today and the rest of your life.

“You may not want to admit it, but if you’re spending all of your dollar on couture in the secret hope that a (handsome) man will come along to lift you out of your financial woe, then this book is for you. If we could go back in time and give a copy to Carrie Bradshaw, we would.”

Harpers Bazaar


And she gave no f#cks. Not even one. And she lived happily ever after. The End.

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