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I call myself the accidental entrepreneur because I didn’t set out to start multiple businesses – I barely set out to start one business! Instead, more than a decade later I have a handful of incredibly successful businesses that are all tied back to my personal mission statement – which is to create courageous communities.


A&TA (formerly Accounting & Taxation Advantage) is my oldest business (currently in its 13th year). It is an award-winning accounting, taxation, advisory and wealth creation business but it’s so much more than that. That’s because A&TA’s WHY, which encompasses and drives everything we do, is to create real, lasting, transformational change for ourselves and our clients.

At A&TA we are excited (which we know is unusual for accountants) about the possibilities for our clients and motivated to help them have the best financial situation they can possibly have that is right for them. We are coaches, mentors, accountants (or, as we prefer, accountanistas) money gurus, authors, IT experts, occasional-counsellors and are always on the lookout for the best possible solution to help our clients reach their goals.

At A&TA we like to think we’re the ‘accountanistas’ of the numbers world. That’s because we’re all about helping you understand your numbers with simplicity and style. We know many people don’t love maths but that’s not what understanding your numbers is all about. Instead, we’re all about helping you build wealth, build a great business, save tax and help you discover options in life.

The Money Barre

The Money Barre was co-founded with my good friend and senior accountant at A&TA, Lauren Law. We believe most of us arrive at a certain birthday, whether that’s 25 or 48, and decide it’s time to financially grow up and sort ourselves out. That’s your cue to meet us at The Money Barre.

Here we’ll help you design the life you want as well as coaching you to find the fitness, strength & balance you need to get into financial shape.

You might want someone to work with you to get out of the mess you’ve found yourself in, help you understand how to best manage your money or develop a sophisticated financial strategy for you. What you don’t want is a cookie cutter solution or an insurance salesman. Instead you want someone who will understand where you are now, where you want to go, what your values are and who can help you become financially fit & strong so you have the flexibility to adapt to whatever life throws at you. With grace and ease.

So whether you’re single, DINK, a two parent family, a one parent family, a blended family, gay, straight or unsure – we want to help you move from being broke or complacent to being financially fabulous.


The most random of my businesses, Thinkers.inq preschool was founded with my great friend Rod Soper and is the first long day early learning centre of its kind in Australia. I became involved in the preschool space because I truly believe our educational system is flawed and is pushing out doers, not thinkers. What I know from my businesses and dealing with entrepreneurs is that our world needs people with the ability to ideate, innovate, problem solve and creatively & critically think. So instead of complaining about it, I’ve partnered with Rod to create a solution of shaping the next generation of thinkers.

At the heart of Thinkers.inq is the belief in play with purpose, creative and critical thinking and emergent literacy and numeracy. This is a coupled with a commitment to a whole food, mostly gluten-free, sugar-free, dairy-free, nut and chemical free food program to help fuel our young learners’ minds. At Thinkers.inq, our team foster curiosity in order to encourage critical thinkers. It’s all about creating a community that supports the natural inclination of young, curious minds to inquire about the world around them.

Thinkers.inq Consulting

Thinkers.inq Consulting was born because Rod and I quickly realised that what we were doing in our preschool needed to be taken to organisations. Business owners and managers love talking about innovation but when people are used to rote learning it’s difficult to engage them in original thinking. That’s why we believe we need to encourage creative and critical thinking in our workplaces – and we believe it starts with play. We believe it’s time to build a new track, support people and help them become more creative in their working lives.

We work with everything from small and medium organisations through to large global organisations, enabling them to move from relentless motivation to a more sustainable model of inspiration and imagination.

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