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The 30 Day Financial Detox EOFY Special (online course – link below to buy)

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30 days to help you get rid of your sneaky spending & bad money habits and start you on the road to financial wellness.

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Product Description

SPECIAL Price: 30 Day Financial Detox can be purchased HERE


Most people have heard of a detox. It’s the chance to press reset and give their body a break from all the junk they’ve been consuming.

That’s exactly what the plan is for the 30 day Financial Detox – only instead of working on your physical health, we’ll be working on your financial health. It’s the opportunity to press reset on your spending and at the same and give that plastic a much needed break!

BUT it’s not simply a 30 day no spend challenge.

Instead, it’s 30 days to become a conscious consumer and to reset your spending patterns while you work on your finances. That’s why every day I’ll be giving you a financial workout to do so we’ll be combining a financial detox with financial fitness so that by the time the 30 days are up you’ll be on your say to becoming financially strong.

What do these financial workouts look like? They’ll include a different exercise each day concentrating on different areas of your financial health including:

* Working out your goals, values and become money mindful

* Figuring out what Ground Zero looks for you financially and start to face your finances

* Beginning to track and monitor your spending

* Setting up a system for financial success

* Making a plan for debt including figuring out what debt is good, bad and OK

* Sorting out your bank accounts, investments and savings including a process of automation

* Working out what is sabotaging you financially and do something about that so you’re not going to trip up when the 30 days are over

* Figuring out ways to bring in more income as well as plugging your leaky bucket of spending

* Working out a plan for your credit card debt and deciding if you even need to keep them at all

* Decluttering, haggling, selling, becoming a conscious consumer, creating world peace… well maybe not the last one but you get the general idea.

If you know you need to start sorting yourself out financially, this is your opportunity. Yes you’ll need to face your finances but I’ve also built in rest days and activities you won’t have tried before so you can start to create a new relationship with money. One where you’re not tempted to lock it in a cupboard when you go out because you’re ashamed of how you’ve been behaving with it. Maybe even a relationship that you’re kind of proud of…

The 30 days can start anytime and you can also take your time if you need it and make it 60 days, 90 days or more.

Which means for less than $100 you’ll give yourself the gift of so much more cash then that. I mean, simply by committing to not spending you’re going to save the $100 but with all the extra things you’ll be cleaning up and doing every day my guarantee to use is that over 12 months you’ll save thousands. Yep, thousands.

Now that’s a bloody good return on investment.

What do you have to lose?

If you know your finances need an overhaul and if the idea of 30 days of no spending AND starting to financially adult actually makes you a little scared then trust me, you absolutely need this.

Or if your new years resolution was to sort yourself out financially but you’ve already abandoned it because it’s just too damn hard, you absolutely need this.

Or if you’re just tired of your own damn excuses but you’re honestly not sure where to start when it comes to your finances, you absolutely need this.

It’s 30 days that could absolutely change your life.

What do you have to lose? Sign up and start your 30 day Financial Detox and your journey to financial wellness today.


To sign up click HERE


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