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March 30th, 2017    |    by Melissa Browne    |    No Comments

Where are you coming from and going to?

For the last 12 months I’ve been trying to pinpoint why I feel a little fuzzy, a little unfocussed, a little off-balance.

That’s because I’m a dirty planner. I feel happiest when I’m making lists and plans yet whenever I’m asked what’s next for me I can give a pat answer but the truth is I’m not really sure. And for a planner like myself that’s not my normal state which has made me super uncomfortable! So while I’m passionate about each business I’m part of, I’ve been really unclear as to what’s next for me.

It’s also been difficult for me to see the thread that runs between all three businesses at times – accounting, financial planning and a preschool. Yes, it’s there and it’s about innovation and disruption but that’s not personal to me. Which has meant I’ve been floundering a little. Which I don’t necessarily think is a bad thing. That’s because I believe if we flail and allow ourselves to sit with uncertainty, that discomfort allows space and time for answers to appear.

Which is exactly what happened this week.

Now the answer didn’t just magically appear. It’s the result of just over two years of mining for answers. Two years that began with me being challenged by groups I was part of, twelve months of working with an incredible mentor and coach to unpack a lot of ick I knew was holding me back personally and professionally and two years of more coffees, meetings, searching, books and inspiration than I can count.

Which culminated in a weekend away with an incredible group of women followed this week by a strategy session with a gifted thinker where the thread slapped me in the face.

That’s because the thread is moving from and to. In all three businesses this is what we’re doing. Whether it’s moving our little learners towards being creative and critical thinkers or moving business owners towards growth mindsets or individuals towards more financial certainty and options I’m motivated to move people to a better future.

It’s what drives me. It’s what lights me up. It’s what inspires me to do more and be more. Both professionally and personally.

That’s because my own story has been all about moving from and to. Away from a victim mindset and towards empowerment. Away from resilience and towards wellness. Away from being ashamed of what I’ve been through and towards embracing the strength that has given me. I mean, I even divide my time on this earth into two sections and call them from and to.

Which means the thread now seems really simple and obvious but like I said. Just over two years.

Now I know if I had this week’s strategy session two years ago I wouldn’t have seen the thread. I couldn’t have been vulnerable, I couldn’t have gone to the personal, I couldn’t have invited the scrutiny.  Which would have been a shame because sure, I could still have been effective with all that I am doing. I just don’t think I would have been as excited, as passionate, as purposeful and therefore I would have had a lot less impact. And I’m sorry but I don’t want to make a little splash.

So, what does this all mean? Well that’s the exciting part. It means a more defined purpose. It means at least two more books (with titles already determined). It means an enthusiasm to jump out of my comfort zone in a way that I haven’t before. It means more vulnerability and more courage because I want to see more people moved from and to.

It means next time I’m asked what’s next for me, I’m excited to tell you. And the dirty planner in me has already started the lists.








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