Money for Shoes


Money for Shoes

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  • If you are a woman in business or a woman thinking about starting a business, More Money for Shoes was written for you. It is designed to show you that building a successful and profitable business can be just like shaping a fabulous wardrobe. Melissa's role is that of a business stylist. In the book, she uses fashion analogies to describe and demystify the often intimidating world of business ownership. From composing goals and plans, to dealing with the often feared critical numbers, Melissa shows you how to organise, throw out, build and create a business that will work for you. In the Business Basics section of the book, business essentials are compared to wardrobe staples to explain difficult business concepts. For example White Shirts & Systems, the Little Black Dress & Cashflow and Jeans & Pricing. Once you've purchased the book there are more than 60 online tools that you can download for free to help you put in place the concepts that you have learned about. So, in your business, if you aren't inspired by climbing mountains or taming wild bears but you are inspired by the perfect fitting pair of jeans, a well organised wardrobe and access to a talented stylist, then this book is for you.

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Melissa Browne Speaker Writer Entrepreneur