Whether you’re looking for the ideal gift for you or someone you love – the eight week My Financial Adulting Plan is the perfect choice to help someone you love start to sort themselves out – financially at least.


I created this course because I’ve worked with clients for over two decades and I know the simple things you can implement that will make a HUGE difference to your financial future – because I’ve seen people we’ve worked with do it. Plus I’ve been at a place where I’ve had to dig myself from less than nothing at age 33 to being a multi-millionaire just over a decade later. So I’ve done the work myself.


Now I want to show you how to not just financially cope but financially thrive.

In the eight week My Financial Adulting Plan we'll cover the three important elements to financial adulting:

1. Financial awareness - why it's more than just mindfulness
2. Understanding the gap - why 'how much should I be saving' is the wrong question and instead it's about knowing your gap and just as importantly, knowing how to close it
3. Financial knowledge and Great Financial Habits - why you should be developing up to seven income streams to avoid being a wage slave and how to implement great habits that work with how you’re naturally inclined to behave (and for most of you that won’t include a budget)

And I'll take you, step by step through how to create your very own Financial Plan that people pay thousands of dollars for financial planners to prepare for them. And it will be a tool you can use again and again throughout your life.

The course runs for 12 weeks, three times a year. In 2020 it will start in February, May and September.


Why not consider buying it for your daughter, son, grandchild, nephew, niece or great friend that just needs to sort themselves out – financially. You can purchase vouchers for the whole course or for one month (there are six payments if paying monthly).

Your voucher will be emailed to you and a card sent to the recipient to let them know what they’re getting


That’s it! It really is a gift that will set someone up for life

My Financial Adulting Plan online course voucher

    Melissa Browne Speaker Writer Entrepreneur