Unf*ck Your Finances


Unf*ck Your Finances

  • I know the title of this book will be problematic for some. I know it will raise eyebrows and probably cause my parents to look at me sternly and reach for the soap. But the thing is, it’s written for you. The Gen X or Gen Y gal who just needs to sort yourself out.

    Most of us weren’t taught the basics of managing our finances – either by our parents, at school or at university.  Which is a problem.

    Most of us aren’t talking about money with our girlfriends because it’s icky, it’s shameful or it’s just not polite. Which is a problem.

    Most of us aren’t actually dealing with our finances in a way that is helpful because we don’t enjoy it, we don’t value it and we’re carrying twisted money messages around with us which sabotage us from actually creating great finances.

    Which again, is a problem.

    Which is exactly why I wrote this book. At the end of the day unf*cking your finances, developing financial resilience and ultimately embracing financial wellness starts with you. It starts with owning up to your behaviour, your values, possibly breaking with money for a while, discovering why budgeting is a dirty word, becoming a conscious consumer, learning about shares, home ownership, sexually transmitted debt and discovering how to girlboss like you mean it.

    I know if you read it, absorb it and most importantly, do something about it, you can actually do it. Unf*ck your finances that is.

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