Unf*ck Your Finances Workbook


Unf*ck Your Finances Workbook

  • Do you wish you had a pocket-sized reminder that it’s time to start financially adulting? With exercises, prompts, financial detoxes, financial challenges and hints to help you along the way?

    This is it!

    The Unf*ck your Finances Workbook is the follow-up to my best-selling book Unf*ck your Finances. It will show you how to rethink your relationship with money, plan a great financial future and change your bank balance for the better.

    It includes 12 weeks worth of ‘to do’s behind all the pre-work and could be the 90 days you need that provide you with the sliding door-moment that moves you from financial distress, financial blah or being financially f*cked through to becoming financially resilient and even financially well.


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