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Are you intrigued by the share market but nervous about investing? You're not alone. The truth is, investing in the share market is the same as any other skill and I want to help you develop the confidence to start.

In this Masterclass, you'll discover the who, what & where of investing in Direct Shares, ETFs, Managed Funds and more from me (Mel Browne), an ex-financial advisor & successful share investor. 

I believe share investing is the great equaliser. You don't need a deposit of hundreds of thousands of dollars and you don't need to go into debt to buy them. Yet when so many Australians think of the share market it's with a mix of distrust and nervousness.  Perhaps it’s because we’re not comfortable with the short-term volatility of shares despite them generally performing well long term. Perhaps it’s because we can touch our properties and drive past them whereas we don’t feel like we have the same level of control with shares. Or perhaps it’s because we don’t understand the first thing about dividends, AGMs or financial statements.

That's why in this Masterclass I break down share investing to help build up your confidence so that you realise it's simply another skill you can acquire. No different from driving a car or learning to swim. 

What do I cover? Concepts such as:

  • Myths around share investing
  • The three main ways to invest in shares
  • Active vs passive investing or Managed Funds vs ETFs
  • Ethical and green investing
  • What to look for when investing in the share market
  • What platform to use? I talk about the wave of micro investing platforms vs traditional brokerage platforms
  • A case study of a popular stock on the ASX and the pros and cons of purchasing it
  • Where to start
  • How to make money from investing in shares
  • How to create your 'who to date' list when buying a share
  • And more

There's so MUCH goodness and if your head is already spinning from that list, don't worry, you'll have access for 60 days. 

To purchase simply click the button below.

It doesn't matter if you've started investing or you're scared to invest, this Shares Masterclass will build your confidence when it comes to investing in shares.


Hey, I'm Mel

Today, I own multi-million-dollar businesses and am financially independent, but it wasn’t always that way: I certainly didn’t always used to be good at money, or business and have had to claw my way back from less than zero. I’ve learned the hard way that until I understood my own money story and money identity, I would continue to financially stumble and self-sabotage.

The problem is, for so long I stumbled on my own. There really wasn’t anyone to talk to about it.

That’s because, for women particularly, there is an almighty ick factor when it comes to money and finances. Nice girls don’t talk about it and they certainly don’t say they want more of it. The problem is, if we want to become financially empowered, to have choice, to make societal change, to raise funds for great causes, to reduce the wage gap and look after ourselves in our old age – we kind of need to start financially adulting.

Let’s be clear, I’m not your typical money or business chick. Yes, I’m an ex-accountant, ex-financial advisor and entrepreneur but I’m also a financial wellness advocate, financial coach and occasional therapist as well as an educator, speaker, advisor and multiple business owner. I’m as comfortable talking about scarcity mentality, comparison culture and shame as I am about bank accounts, shares, investing and entrepreneurship. Oh, and shoes. I can talk shoes for days.

My job is to help people reduce their financial overwhelm, to understand why they behave the way they do with their finances and to help them design a life they’re excited about.

My passion is to help women particularly move from where they are now to a place they didn’t even believe was possible. To become financially empowered and financially well in both their finances and in their business. To have courageous conversations – whether that’s about finances, money, business or one of the many other things we’re avoiding in life.

I have the substance to back up my style. I’m a multi-award winning serial entrepreneur: co-founder of The Money Barre, a financial planning firm for Gen X and Y (now Melissa Browne Courses),  the co-founder & Director of Business at Thinkers.inq, an innovative long day preschool based on creative and critical thinking and up to 2019 when I sold the business to an ASX listed accounting firm, CEO of A&TA, an award winning Accounting Firm.

I’ve also written four books; More Money for Shoes, Fabulous but Broke, the global best-seller Unf*ck your Finances and my most recent Budgets Don't Work (But This Does).

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