Empowerment, resilience, wellness – they’re terms we use a lot in our workplaces. They’re things we want for our businesses, our people and ourselves. So, we invest in leadership, coaching and health but we often miss the one thing that permeates all of this – our finances. It’s why, I believe that conversations about money aren’t a nice to do, they’re a must do. 

As a finance expert business strategist, I’m regularly asked to present at conferences and to run workshops and seminars for businesses, universities or other organisations about money, finances, personal leadership and business. I also regularly comment on TV and radio about topical issues to do with money, business, finance, women’s issues and more.

Keynotes I regularly present include:

  •  Unf*ck your Finances

  • Budgets Don't Work (but this does)

  • Your Financial Phenotype and creating great habits

  • My Financial Adulting Plan

  • Why you need to give a financial sh*t

  • Design a Life you Love

  • Budgets are BS and other money truths they didn’t teach you at school

  • I Didn’t Plan for That: My Money Story

  • Financial Fairy tales

  • The Money Movement

  • More Money for Shoes: How to get paid what you deserve in your business

Workshops I regularly present include:

  • Budgets Don't Work (but this does)

  • Unf*ck your Finances

  • Your Money Plan

  • Eight weeks to Financially Fab

  • My Financial Adulting Plan

  • How to Double your Business

  • The Psychology of Pricing

  • Moneysmarts: what school didn’t teach you about $$


Contact me and I can tailor a keynote or workshop to your particular audience or topic.

“A big thank you again from us to you! It was wonderful to have you here, and the feedback has been great as expected.”


An introvert by nature, I love writing – whether it’s my fortnightly column for Fairfax’s Money Column in the SMH/Melbourne Age, guest spots for Latte, Cosmo, CEO Mag or writing content and e-books for others. I’m also the author of three innovative (in two cases illustrated) books on business and money you’ll actually want to read.

Budgets Don't Work (but this does)

This book will give you the tools you need to make that long-awaited financial breakthrough, allowing you to discover your 'Financial Phenotype': the unique combination comprising your Money Story, your Money Environment, your Money Type and, just as importantly, the habits, triggers and tricks that are right for you.

Unf*ck Your Finances

This is your essential guide to financially adulting. It starts with owning up to your behaviour, your values, possibly breaking with money for a while, discovering why budgeting is a dirty word, becoming a conscious consumer, learning about shares, home ownership, sexually transmitted debt and discovering how to girl-boss like you mean it. Learn how to become not just financially unf*cked but financially well.


More Money for Shoes

This is a full-colour, illustrated business book written for women in business (or thinking about starting a business). It’s designed to show you that building a successful and profitable business can be just like shaping a fabulous wardrobe. The book couples business essentials with fashion analogies, navigating the often intimidating world of business ownership. From composing goals and plans, to dealing with critical numbers - I’ll show you how to organise, throw out, build and create a business that will work for you. 

Fabulous but Broke

Fabulous but Broke is a full-coloured collection of financial fairy tales which highlight money messages we carry with us and suggest an alternative, happy ending. From these stories I hope you will be inspired to write your own financial fairytale to make the right decisions for financial freedom, opportunity and happiness for today and the rest of your life.

“Loved it! Talking about your finances isn't fun but this is a really honest, practical way to talk to yourself and others about finance.”



I absolutely did not set out to start and run multiple multi-million dollar businesses – it’s why I call myself an accidental entrepreneur. However today, I am absolutely and firmly unemployable.

The Money Barre

The Money Barre is a financial education, strategy & empowerment business founded with my good friend Lauren Law. We believe most of us arrive at a certain birthday, whether that’s 25 or 48, and decide it’s time to financially grow up and sort ourselves out. Here we'll give you the tools you need to understand who you are, why you behave the way you do, financial knowledge, develope great financial habits and more. We do this through online courses, group events, speaking, workshops and one on one.


Thinkers.inq are preschools and early learning communities founded with my great friend Rod Soper. I became involved in the preschool space because I truly believe our educational system is flawed and is pushing out doers, not thinkers. At the heart of Thinkers.inq is the belief in play with purpose, creative and critical thinking and emergent literacy and numeracy. This is a coupled with a commitment to a whole food, mostly gluten-free, sugar-free, dairy-free, nut and chemical free food program to help fuel our young learners’ minds. 

A&TA (sold in 2019)

A&TA (formerly Accounting & Taxation Advantage) is an award-winning accounting, taxation and advisory business. At A&TA we know that most of our clients don’t love numbers but that’s why we exist. Here you hand them over to people who do love them, who show you how to minimise your taxes, maximise your wealth and tame that hormonal business

“Because there are no unicorns, fairy godmothers or magical shoes coming to save you”.