Melissa Browne

So many business owners are great at what they do. They're just not necessarily great at, well, business.


Don't believe me? It's why women are starting businesses faster than the blokes but they're not as profitable. It's why less than 5% of women have a seven figure business. Perhaps that has something to do with women not feeling like they're enough, maybe it has something to do with women calling their business their 'baby' or using 'just' to describe their business. Or maybe it's because they believe it's not OK to want to make a healthy profit.

I believe we need to change that.

I'm an ex-accountant, ex-financial advisor & ex-working till I drop that has built and sold one seven figure business, still owns a second and is on my way to building a third. And I've helped thousands of others build their businesses too.

My business super power is strategic thinking. Perhaps it's because I'm ambidextrous, but I have the ability to engage both the left and right side of my brain - the analytical numbers side and the creative strategic side in a way that others can't. I'm passionate about helping women particularly build their businesses and their personal wealth. 

I work with female business owners in a number of ways. I work with no more than 30 business owners through the Business Makeover Series (BMS) Program, I privately coach no more than five business owners a year and I hold limited ad-hoc strategy sessions.

If you're interested in the BMS Program, head over to that page and take a look. Otherwise, all other work starts with a strategy session which you can book below.

Business Strategy Sessions


My business strategy sessions are fast-pace, focussed and are all about helping you either get unstuck, solve a problem, resolve your pricing dilemma, understand your numbers or give you direction when you're wanting to grow your business but aren't sure where to start.

Sometimes you already know the answers, but it's about running it past an unbiased expert who can show you the holes and if you need it, hold you accountable.

All sessions are on zoom. Once you've purchased your session, you will be taken straight through to my calendar to schedule your session. 

They're not cheap and when the 30 spaces in the mid-tier and top-tier in my Business Adulting Plan are fully taken you'll no longer be able to book these one on one sessions.

Alternatively, for a lower price point and to potentially spend even more time not just with me but with a community of women, make sure you head back and check out the My Business Adulting Plan


Melissa Browne

Today, I own multi-million-dollar businesses and am financially independent, but it wasn’t always that way: I certainly didn’t always used to be good at money, or business and have had to claw my way back from less than zero. I’ve learned the hard way that until I understood my own money story and money identity, I would continue to financially stumble and self-sabotage.

The problem is, for so long I stumbled on my own. There really wasn’t anyone to talk to about it.

That’s because, for women particularly, there is an almighty ick factor when it comes to money and finances. Nice girls don’t talk about it and they certainly don’t say they want more of it. The problem is, if we want to become financially empowered, to have choice, to make societal change, to raise funds for great causes, to reduce the wage gap and look after ourselves in our old age – we kind of need to start financially adulting.

Let’s be clear, I’m not your typical money or business chick. Yes, I’m an ex-accountant, ex-financial advisor and entrepreneur but I’m also a financial wellness advocate, financial coach and occasional therapist as well as an educator, speaker, advisor and multiple business owner. I’m as comfortable talking about scarcity mentality, comparison culture and shame as I am about bank accounts, shares, investing and entrepreneurship. Oh, and shoes. I can talk shoes for days.

My job is to help people reduce their financial overwhelm, to understand why they behave the way they do with their finances and to help them design a life they’re excited about.

My passion is to help women particularly move from where they are now to a place they didn’t even believe was possible. To become financially empowered and financially well in both their finances and in their business. To have courageous conversations – whether that’s about finances, money, business or one of the many other things we’re avoiding in life.

I have the substance to back up my style. I’m a multi-award winning serial entrepreneur: co-founder of The Money Barre, a financial planning firm for Gen X and Y (now Melissa Browne Courses),  the co-founder & Director of Business at Thinkers.inq, an innovative long day preschool based on creative and critical thinking and up to 2019 when I sold the business to an ASX listed accounting firm, CEO of A&TA, an award winning Accounting Firm.

I’ve also written four books; More Money for Shoes, Fabulous but Broke, the global best-seller Unf*ck your Finances and my most recent Budgets Don't Work (But This Does).

Melissa Browne

Ongoing Private Coaching & Strategy Days

If you'd like something more in depth or ongoing, fill in the form and my team will be back to you within 72 hours. 

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