Do you know what pausing your super contribution for 1, 2, 3 or even 5 years costs you in compound returns & most importantly, how to catch it up?    

No? Well, luckily we do and we've created a super helpful tool to help you answer both of these questions. Our calculator helps work out how much super you loose from stepping out of the workforce for any reason such as to study, travel, raise a family, start a business, take a sabbatical. It then shows the long term effect this has on your super balance for retirement. And while we guarantee that amount will make your eyes water, we then show you what you need to do to catch up that super so you're in no worse position than if you hadn't taken the career break. 

And don't worry, this calculator works if you're thinking you might like to take a career break in the future, if you're currently on a career break, or if you previously had a career break but want to catch up for that lost super now.

Use this Free Download To Help You…
  • calculate the immediate and long term impact to your super from when you've stopped making contributions, regardless of your age or stage
  • calculate what amounts you need to contribute and for how long, to catch up on lost super 
  • determine your own strategy to catch up on the super you loose from taking a career break 

Hi, my name is Mel

I'm not your typical money or finance chick. Yes, I'm an ex-accountant, ex-financial advisor & global best selling author but I'm also a multi-millionaire after having started with less than nothing in my early thirties.

The truth is I've made some stupid mistakes along the way (humbling for a finance chick to admit to) but now in my 40s I have the choice to work or not. And no, I wasn't born to wealth and come from a very working class western Sydney area. 

Today, I'm passionate about helping women particularly reduce their financial overwhelm, understand why they behave with money the way we do, build their financial confidence, teach about investing and financial strategies and help them design a life they're excited about.