Melissa Browne
Melissa Browne


Join us for this LIVE masterclass and have access for 60 days afterwards.

It's fair to say that not many business owners start a business because they want to geek out on numbers. The problem is, too few business owners take the time to understand the numbers side of their business. Trust me when I tell you, that your business is suffering because you haven't taken the time to understand how to grow your business through understanding your numbers.

That's why I'm running a Masterclass on Understanding the Numbers & How to Grow your Business. The cost is $49 and you'll have access to the recording for a whole 60 days.

We cover SO much ground when it comes to the numbers & growing your business including:

  • The difference between activity vs results
  • The Understanding the Numbers/Double My Business Map
  • The numbers you need to understand before you start marketing
  • The 12 numbers which will make a HUGE difference to your total sales 
  • The power of small changes: I'll prove how you can double your business in 12 months with small changes
  • Why running out of cash is the biggest killer of business and the numbers that impact your cashflow
  • The key numbers that, if you get this right, will make a huge difference to your business and mean you'll need to market less
  • The number that so many established businesses aren't looking at that could increase their sales overnight
  • And so much more

If you want to learn more about understanding the numbers and how to grow your business in in a relaxed, informal, jargon-free way then make sure you purchase this Masterclass. There's so MUCH goodness and if your head is already spinning from that list, don't worry, you'll have access for 60 days.

Of course, if you have other owners or managers in your business, grab them and make sure they watch it with you too.

The Masterclass will be held LIVE on Thursday 26 August at 7:30pm AEST.

To purchase simply click the button below.

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