Did you start start a business to solve a problem, work when you want and make some money?
But now you realise you're working for more hours, less money and a whole lot more stress?
Passion for what you do can only sustain you for so long. 

Sure, you might have a GREAT product, a GREAT service. You might have THOUSANDS of followers on social media. And raving fans. BUT if your business isn't healthy (healthy = making a profit), then your business is at risk.)

In today's hyper-competitive world, it's not enough to be good at what you do. You MUST be good at business. That means looking at some areas you've been ignoring so far, like cashflow, pricing psychology, business models and yes, the numbers side of your business. 

🩺🩺 The truth is, I don't need a 'business stethoscope' to hear that many of you aren't making enough money in your business 🩺🩺

I want a healthy business! Click here >>

I’m just going to come out and say it...

You work too hard in your business, for too much stress & too little reward. It's time to change that.


The stats are clear. As women, we’re growing and starting businesses faster than ever before. But we’re NOT growing them as profitably.

That needs to change.

I believe we ALL deserve more for the time, stress, effort and risk we take.

❣️More impact and freedom

❣️More financial independence

❣️More superannuation (or retirement funds) -  I know you're not paying enough

And most importantly, more


If you're tired of working for pennies on the dollar (go ahead and work out your hourly rate, I dare you...😯😯)  
...then it's time to pop on your big girl pants and decide to learn how to be great at business. 

learn how to be great at business with the -


It doesn't matter if you're a small business, medium business or global business.  Purchase my self-paced program for female entrepreneurs who want to go beyond surface-level success and build businesses with real substance and profitability.

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ENROLL TODAY AND receive ALL OF the following modules -

💰Module 1.  Know yourself Understanding your business mindset plus the typical terms & numbers we'll talk about during the course.

💰Module 2.  Activity VS Results Understand the activity you should be doing to get the results you want. Plus introduction to the Double your Business Map.

💰Module 3: Business Models. Understand the business model that's right for YOUR business and what that means for every part of what you do.

💰Module 4: Your Database & Customers. Discover who your customer/s are PLUS one of the easiest ways to grow your business quickly - influencing your retention rate. 

💰Module 5: The Psychology of Pricing. Discover HOW to price including 12 strategies that will change the way you price in your business. 

💰Module 6: Sales vs Profits. Understand your cost structure and importantly, your break even point. 

💰Module 7:  Cashflow. Running out of cash is why most businesses fail. Understand where your cash is going, how to bring it in faster and how to access more of it.

💰Module 8: Capacity &  People. Understand how to create great processes, when to hire and more.

It's like a mini MBA for your business without the jargon or any men in suits



It's time to play a grown up game of business

  • 8 Business Modules 
  • 12 months access to all of the content
  • Created by an ex-accountant & 3 x 7 figure business owner
  • Practical lessons you can apply immediately to make more $$ in your business

Don't just take it from me...

Here's what previous participants of my business courses have had to say...


I cannot recommend the program highly enough. Mel and Lawsie have put together a beautiful mix of proven and practical content that allows you to binge, revisit, drill into or skim over sections based on your needs at any time during the program. 


Bessi Graham - Benefit Capital

Last week I launched a higher priced product as a decoy strategy to lift AOVs... low and behold, I sold 9 of these premium priced items within a week, even before actively promoting it! These sales accounted for 11% of my overall orders 🙌🏼. My AOV is up a whopping 20% since launching this offer 😯 Just thought I'd share this win following the course last month. 


The course alone is amazing and the way it challenges your thinking.. you are challenged to think outside the square and certainly outside your comfort zone. Just a side note, the changes I have made within my business have alread more than paid for my course... so don't hesitate! Go for it!

Tracy Ferris - Hills Podiatry

Hi, I'm Mel

I'm just going to come out and say it, I'm kind of a business unicorn. 

That's because, I have the theory. I’m an award-winning ex-accountant and ex-financial advisor who has helped thousands of business owners grow their business during my almost 20 years of owning my own business.

But I also have the life experience. Less than 5% of women will start a 7 figure business and I've started not one, not two but three 7 figure businesses in three totally different industries.

My training has helped thousands of people develop their own tailored financial mix of everything they need to place their energy into and nothing they don’t so they can reduce their overwhelm, increase their confidence and walk away from the financial & business merry-go-round they’re on.

My passion is to increase the financial literacy of women and in doing so, to help create your financial confidence and your wealth.

I'm Ready to Make more $$ in my Business! >

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Jump in  & learn how to work smarter NOT harder in your business. Discover the secrets to making more freedom AND dollars (and it's not automatically thinking you have to spend tens of thousands of dollars on marketing).

Because you're worth it!

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