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A whole site dedicated to an introverted, socially awkward, shoe-loving accountant.

What could be more interesting than that?

Whether you’ve stumbled here from one of my Sydney Morning Herald articles, you’ve spied me on TV, you’ve read one of my books, met me at a networking event, heard me speak or were just googling socially awkward and found me, welcome. A few things you should know: I prefer to be called Mel, I’m an accidental entrepreneur, a total klutz, a disrupter (my teachers would have said disruptive) and the shoe thing is real.

Some vital stats in case you’re a skimmer. I’m CEO of the award winning accounting firm A&TA, co-CEO of the financial planning firm for Gen X and Gen Y The Money Barre and Director of Business and co-founder of the innovative preschool based on Play with Purpose Thinkers.inq. That’s what I do, but who I am is someone on a mission to create courageous communities by inspiring, empowering and educating women and girls to find their voice and become both business and financially savvy.

So if you like what you’ve read or seen about me and you want to find out more this site has been created so you can do just that. You might start with buying one of my innovative business and money books (More Money for ShoesFabulous but Broke and Unf*ck your Finances), hooking up with me on social media, making an appointment with one of my businesses, booking me for a speaking gig or workshop or simply signing up to my blog.

My aim here (and if we ever get the chance to work together) is to make you think, make you a teeny bit uncomfortable, challenge you and above all help you become more courageous in either your business, your finances or simply your willingness to speak up. Until then, enjoy!




you cannot act like crocs & expect to be treated like louboutins.

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