Melissa Browne

How does money & business make you feel? Stressed, ashamed, anxious, fearful, ambivalent, worried, uncertain?

Part of what I do is to help people unlearn and relearn, to swap behaviour, to be aware of our money triggers and our money identity and discover how to apply personal leadership to our finances & our businesses. It’s time to understand that money isn’t good or evil but is simply a tool we can use to help us design the life we love.

Here we help people transform their personal finances, makeover their businesses and also work with corporates to start a conversation about money people will want to have. We do that with online courses, business programs, masterclasses and one on ones. Click below to find out more.

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Melissa Browne

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Hi, I’m Mel (& Lawsie)

I'm an ex-accountant, ex-financial advisor & ex-working till I drop. 

Today, I own multi-million-dollar businesses and am financially independent, but it wasn’t always that way: I certainly didn’t always used to be good at money, or business and have had to claw my way back from less than zero. I’ve learned the hard way that until I understood my own money story and money identity, I would continue to financially stumble and self-sabotage.

The problem is, for so long I stumbled on my own. There really wasn’t anyone to talk to about it.

That’s because, for women particularly, there is an almighty ick factor when it comes to money and finances. Nice girls don’t talk about it and they certainly don’t say they want more of it. The problem is, if we want to become financially empowered, to have choice, to make societal change, to raise funds for great causes, to reduce the wage gap and look after ourselves in our old age – we kind of need to start financially adulting.


Melissa Browne

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Melissa Browne

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Melissa Browne

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