I'm buying myself a little 'happy' because I'm stressed, bored, anxious, fearful, happy or hormonal 


I'm pressing pause financially because I'm stressed, bored, anxious, fearful, happy or hormonal

The truth is, for many of us, our emotions are in charge of our financial choices. It's time to take back control…


Discover how your Emotions are Affecting your Finances 

& Make a plan to Take back Control



If you've ever been at the mercy of your hormones during your menstrual cycle (my hand is FIRMLY up in the air with this one), you'll understand just how easily our emotions can hijack our behaviour. I mean, I would have sworn to you during week three of my cycle that not only did those purple, suede, flared pants look incredible on me (notethey did not) but I absolutely had to have them (note, I did not).

I'd love to also tell you that this was a one-off event where my hormones and emotions hijacked my spending choices and moved me away from my financial goals, but you know already that it was not. 

The truth is, when it comes to our finances, our emotions can have a profound impact on our financial choices, often leading us to make impulsive and irrational spending & even investing decisions.

That's why I created the Stress Log. It's a FREE Download that will help you explore the way your emotions are hijacking your finances & help you create alternatives that will put you back in charge.

Click HERE to learn to take charge of your spending

to put you back in the driver's seat of your finances (& pop your emotions in the back seat)

Sure, your emotions will always be a passenger in your car, they just won't be allowed to take the wheel when it comes to your finances.

“I feel like I'm far more conscious of my behaviour around money and my goals are at the forefront of my mind"

Mel will gives you the tools you need to do the work & make long lasting changes that positively impact not only your bank balance, but your relationship with money"

“It takes effort and goals to achieve financial success. It's also a work in progress but I feel I can't slip back to my old ways now."

Let’s be clear, I’m not your typical finance bro. Yes, I’m an award-winning ex-accountant and ex-financial advisor but I’m also a multi-millionaire (after having started with less than nothing in my early thirties) who is now a financial educator & best-selling author.

My training has helped thousands of people develop their own tailored financial mix of everything they need to place their energy into and nothing they don’t so they can walk away from the financial merry-go-round they’re on.

My passion is to increase the financial literacy of women and in doing so, to help create your financial confidence and your wealth.

Its time to work out how to have your head take control of your finances, not your emotions

Mel genuinely wants people to experience financial wellbeing because she truly understands how much we suffer when we are financially unwell" 

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