Have you ever felt that you're financially not at the age and stage you should be?

Are you ready to stop hoping you're doing enough, ready to (finally) take control of your finances & would love an expert guide to help?

Then it’s time for you to join the…


My Financial Adulting Plan

The 8-week program designed to help you create a STRATEGY for your debt, GET EXCITED about investing, BREAK FREE from bad financial habits, DIVERSIFY your income, and TRANSFORM your finances

So you can confidently manage your money, create a financial plan, get excited about investing and build a secure financial future with a financial expert by your side, every step of the way.

Because the truth is you're not too old, young, busy or broke(n).

You just need to start.

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It’s No Secret

Life is becoming so freaking expensive... 

Interest rates have  skyrocketed and rents meanwhile have soared. Your cost of housing is taking up a big chunk of your income.

The rising cost of living is increasingly jarring. From your grocery bills to the petrol bowser and let's not even talk about the cost of dining out.

Your costs are going up but your real income is going down. You might have had a payrise, but it hasn't kept up with inflation so you're feeling the pinch.

Most of the time

It feels like the only way to get ahead 

is to work 'til you drop…

Or hope someone slips you the winning Powerball ticket.

But since that’s about as likely as spotting a unicorn sipping an oat milk latte… you feel like you have no choice but to:

  • find ways to stretch your limited funds.
  • concentrate on paying off your mortgage and hope that's enough.
  • hope things turnaround. 

But hope isn't a strategy...

And chances are you already suspect what you're doing isn't enough.

Which bloody sucks, because... 

You want your money to work for you instead of  hustling for every dollar, because you understand you can't work your way to wealth.

You want to feel confident and in control of your finances, knowing there’s always enough coming in & you can ride any storms.

You want the FREEDOM to call the shots in your life — to choose whether to work, where to travel, and how to provide a financial safety blanket for your loved ones.

The truth is, the gap between where you are and where you want to be is widening...

... and sure you could google 'how to do money' but the volume of information is endless and there's so much conflicting advice.

You don’t know how to maximise your income for *your* set of circumstances. Should you save, invest, or pay off a loan?

And when you’re already juggling the hectic demands of life, work, and family —

It’s easier to replace your spreadsheets with Netflix than sort through your finances.

(Or get into a heated debate with your partner about your spending habits)!

Find yourself nodding along?

You are NOT alone.

And the truth? It’s no wonder you feel this way. 

At this moment, hundreds of thousands of women and families are in the same sticky spot. Just like you, they’ve never been taught financial literacy in school. OR they’ve been told that money matters are too complicated, too hard, too intimidating, and better left to the “experts.” Or to the blokes, or their male partner.


I’m going to let you in on a secret.

You Can

have the financial security you desire.

You Are

worthy of financial independence. 

You Can

grow your wealth and your savings.

And you DON’T have to win the lottery, work 'til you drop, or give up your Sunday brunches to do so!

The BEST way to get ahead financially...

is not by sticking to a strict budget, blindly following a financial guru or buying a home and paying it off quickly. 

It's increasing your financial knowledge, increasing your financial confidence, starting to invest AND creating a financial plan (personalised to your particular goals and dreams) that you're excited to put into place.


That's exactly what you'll learn how to do inside the

My Financial Adulting Plan.


Just Like These Students Have Done 👇
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So what makes me qualified to teach you about all this finance stuff?

… And what makes me different from the bloke in the blue suit ‘men’s club’ type character at the local financial planning firm?

Simple – I'm an ex-financial advisor & ex-accountant who came back from nothing in my 30s to having financial independence in my 40s. 

I'm here to help you understand the ins and outs of your money story, great money habits, paying off bad debt, getting comfortable with OK & good debt, investing and wealth creation on your own terms (sans the mansplaining and uncertainty that breeds fear and doubt)...



Hey there, I'm Mel.

Along with Lauren Law aka 'Lawsie', I'm here to teach, guide, inspire, help & even challenge you.

Lawsie and I are a Gen Y and Gen X'er who have worked together for over a decade and helped thousands of women (and a few good men) just like you positively transform their finances. We're both ex-accountants and ex-financial advisors and importantly, we both invest ourselves. In my 40s I have the option to work or not (having come back from less than nothing in my 30s after giving my entire divorce proceeds to charity.) While Lawsie, in her mid-30s, can choose her hours and how she works because of how freaking financially savvy and disciplined she is.

We have all of the skills, experience and expertise to help you to create the life you're excited to design (that you don't want to escape from) and financial plan that future you will love you for (without you having to sacrifice your daily coffee).

Yes! I’m Ready for a Plan Future Me Will LOVE. Click here to join My Financial Adulting Plan today>>
We invite you to join us and your new financial besties inside the

My Financial Adulting Plan

The 8-week course that gives you the financial plan, expert guidance, and supportive community you need to transform your finances from the inside-out.

So you can go from buckling under the weight of financial uncertainty to making financial decisions with clarity, confidence, and purpose!

I'm Ready to Transform My Finances! Click here to join MFAP Today! >>

Check out what other students have achieved since joining MFAP

$3.6 million added to SAVINGS accounts

130 credit cards CLOSED 

$2.8 million invested in SHARES

$854k in credit card REPAID

$2.2 million DEPOSITED in buffer accounts

37% investing in shares for the FIRST time

32 properties PURCHASED

56 business STARTED

*Individual program results will vary. From our April 2023 survey of MFAP alumni.

It’s your turn to change your life

And Your Financial Future

Here’s How We’ll Transform Your Financial Life in Just 8 Weeks
Module 1

Unblocking & Unlocking: Financial Awareness

Hard truth: if you don’t understand your relationship with money, you’ll be doomed to repeat the same patterns. We’ll dive deep on WHY you behave the way you do with your finances AND how to stop the self-sabotage in its tracks.

In this module, you’ll explore:

  • Why it’s time to break up with money
  • Your relationship with money
  • Your Money Story and how it’s been subconsciously impacting your financial life
  • The 30-Day Financial Detox challenge

💫 BONUS: Join Mel & Lauren as they discuss their Money Stories and the lessons they’ve learned

Module 2

Discovering Your Money Type

It’s like your personal love language - but for your finances! Once you understand what really drives your financial behaviour and how you naturally operate when it comes to money, you can develop the habits and practices that are right for you.

In this module, you’ll explore:

  • The Worker
  • The Creator
  • The Discerner
  • The Relator
  • Hybrid Money Types
Module 3

Where are you now vs the life YOU want to design?

Pull out your spreadsheets because it’s time to create your own Strategic Financial Plan! But before you can design your dream life, we’ll pinpoint exactly where you stand today.

(Psst - it may not be as bad as you think)!

In this module, you’ll get crystal clear on:

  • Your personal Ground Zero AKA what your current financial situation looks like
  • Where all your money is going
  • How to identify and track your liabilities/debt
  • How to get clear on what your future self wants What The Gap looks like

💰A financial planner would charge over $4,000 to prepare this strategic plan for you.

Module 4

Turning your Dream Life into a Financial Plan

Time to dream big! You’ll start designing exactly what you want your dream life to look like and how much money you need to get there. PLUS the practical strategies you need to close that financial gap!

In this module, you’ll discover:

  • How to start closing the gap between your current situation and your financial goals
  • Our best strategies to pay down good, bad, and ok debt
  • How to find even more cash to put towards your financial goals without sacrificing your daily coffee run
  • How to identify the exact financial figure that’s “enough” for you and your goals

💫 BONUS: 50 ways to find $10k in 12 months

Module 5

Ditch Bad Money Habits & Learn Right Ones for You

Your financial future is shaped by your financial habits… which is exactly why we’ll pinpoint the financial habits that work best for *your* specific Money Type (and the ones sabotaging your success). PLUS our new lesson that's all about the best money habits for you if you have ADHD.

In this module, you’ll discover:

  • Great basic money habits
  • Money habits for Workers
  • Money habits for Creators
  • Money habits for Discerners
  • Money habits for Realtors
  • ADHD and money habits
  • Potential stressors that may sabotage your habits (and how to avoid them)
Module 6

Investing: Shares, ETFs & Managed Funds

Discover how to invest in shares so you can start to grow your wealth. Whether you’ve never looked at the stock market in your life or you already have a few shares in your portfolio, you’ll walk away knowing how to confidently buy shares and how to maximise your investments.

In this module, you’ll explore:

  • Risk vs. Reward (and how to identify the financial risks you’re prepared to take)
  • The true power of compound interest
  • A beginner's guide to investing in shares
  • The three main ways to invest (passive vs active vs direct)
  • How to choose a share/stock, including a Case Study

💫 BONUS: ESG, SRI & Impact Investing

💫 BONUS: HOW to actually buy/sell using different share platforms

Module 7

Investing: Property & Home Ownership

Learn how to buy & invest in property AND still have cash left over to treat yourself to your fave avocado toast.

In this module, you’ll explore:

  • The different ways to own property (spoiler alert: there’s more than home ownership) including residential investment, commercial investment, listed property trusts and so much more
  • The pros & cons of owning vs renting (including rentvesting)
  • The best strategies to save up for a deposit
  • Our best tips & pitfalls to avoid when buying a property
  • How much it really costs to purchase a property
  • Our best tips for when you already have a mortgage or investment loan, including scripts to ask for a better deal!
Module 8

Investing: Business, Side Hustles & Hobbies

One of Mel’s favourite ways to boost your income? Starting a business or side-hustle! In this module, you’ll walk away armed with the basics of starting a business and a solid understanding of how to bring in extra income in a way that works for you!

In this module, you’ll discover:

  • The key differences between a business vs side hustle vs hobby (and the best option for you)
  • Essential business basics so you can start off on the right foot
  • The psychology of pricing so you know exactly how to position yourself in the market
  • How to interpret and understand the key numbers in your business (so you’re not left blindsided during tax time!)
  • How to develop multiple streams of income

💫 BONUS: Profits First: Sales vs. Profits

PLUS... 6 Additional Bonus Modules:

💫 BONUS Module: Money Maintenance 

💫 BONUS Module: Money & Relationships + Money Partnerships

💫 BONUS Module: Country Money Deep Dives for Australia, New Zealand, UK and more countries on the way

💫 BONUS Module: Conscious Consuming and Investing

💫 BONUS Module: Kids and Money

💫 BONUS Module: Insurances

Inside MFAP, you're fully supported!

We offer WEEKLY LIVE Q&As, ACCOUNTABILITY GROUPS and CO-WORKING sessions so no-one is left behind. We're all about providing the support you need and answering any questions that come up.

Friends don’t let friends do finances alone.

LIVE weekly calls with Mel

Each week on Tuesday night, I’ll be available to address your personal finance queries in our LIVE Q&A sessions. This is an ideal chance to gain further insight into tailoring the course modules to your specific questions. Plus they're recorded in case you can't make them Live.

It’s what’s going on between the sheets, the spreadsheets that is.

Access to The Work Room with Lawsie

In Week 5, Lawsie will open up her virtual work room for 2 hours to MFAP students who either want to co-work on module exercises, sense check their financial plan, or simply work with others to get it done.

This is your Money Crew (and new financial besties).

LIFETIME access to the MFAP Facebook Group

Community and quick support at your fingertips, from Lawsie and I as well as the community who have been in your shoes. It’s the perfect place to get answers from multiple perspectives and stay in the loop on different challenges and events throughout the year.

Making sure you stay on track and never get lost.

PLUS 2 x Group Accountability Sessions

We don't leave anyone behind. Twice during the course, Lawsie (the accountability ninja) will host a group session to help you work through the course, keep you on track and provide you with tools and habits to keep using long after the course has ended.

Although we’ll work through the modules over 8-weeks,
it won’t take you that long to see the results you’re craving! 

You can achieve QUICK WINS before the course is over thanks to our…

Three BONUS Challenges

Designed to put more money back into your pocket throughout the year, so that you not only recoup the cost of the program but 10x your investment

Challenge #1

The 30-Day
Financial Detox

Seize back financial control and view your money in a whole new light by detaching from the emotional ties underpinning your spending.

Challenge #2

Find $833
in 30 Days

This challenge will show you how you can find MORE money to fund your financial dreams instead of always cutting back.

Challenge #3

Reduce your
Interest Rate

Using our proven scripts & support, you’ll discover new strategies to reduce your loan interest rate so you can pay off your debt faster.

Ready to create the financial future YOU want?

Choose the plan that works for you
& let’s transform your finances!

All options give you access to the same course material, with payment options for every budget.

Most Affordable


12 Small Monthly Installments (AUD)

The easiest way to invest in your future (less than the cost of a coffee a day).


  • 8 weeks of pre-recorded videos, written content & downloads
  • 12 weeks access
  • Build your own financial strategic plan
  • Weekly Tuesday night Live Q&As with Mel (also recorded)
  • Two group accountability sessions
  • Lifetime access to closed FB group to ask questions
  • Membership option afterwards if you choose
  • Your finances transformed over 8 weeks
  • You and your partner (if you have one) can join for the one price
  • 14 day money back guarantee

Note: we'll contact you at the end of the 12 weeks and offer a $99 discount to pay in full because we know if you follow the program you'll have the $$

** The value of the strategic plan alone is over $4,000
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Get In & Get It Done


3 Installments During the Course (AUD)

An affordable way to pay that doesn’t drain your fun funds.


  • 8 weeks of pre-recorded videos, written content & downloads
  • 12 weeks access
  • Build your own financial strategic plan
  • Weekly Tuesday night Live Q&As with Mel (also recorded)
  • Two group accountability sessions
  • Lifetime access to closed FB group to ask questions
  • Membership option afterwards if you choose
  • Your finances transformed over 8 weeks
  • You and your partner (if you have one) can join for the one price
  • 14 day money back guarantee

Note: we'll contact you at the end of the 12 wks and offer a $99 discount to pay in full because we know if you follow the program you'll have the $$

** The value of the strategic plan alone is over $4,000
Join Now

⭐Best Value for Your Bucks


Discounted Upfront Price (AUD)

Embrace your inner financial grown-up with a single payment!


  • 8 weeks of pre-recorded videos, written content & downloads
  • 12 weeks access
  • Build your own financial strategic plan
  • Weekly Tuesday night Live Q&As with Mel (also recorded)
  • Two group accountability sessions
  • Lifetime access to closed FB group to ask questions
  • Membership option afterwards if you choose
  • Your finances transformed over 8 weeks
  • You and your partner (if you have one) can join for the one price
  • 14 day money back guarantee

Note: we'll contact you at the end of the 12 wks and offer a $99 discount to pay in full because we know if you follow the program you'll have the $$

** The value of the strategic plan alone is over $4,000
Join Now

Quick! Doors Must Close...

Doors for this round are now open so come grab your spot. But be quick, doors close in...









Since we’re all about being financially savvy, here’s a breakdown of  what you get for your investment 

💸 Let's start by talking about what it would cost if you went
to a financial advisor💸

Regular consults to tweak your financial plan and map out your wealth-building strategies can run you up to $500/hr.

Hiring a financial advisor to create a Financial Plan can set you back over $4,000 PLUS annual ongoing fees. (According to Jul-23 industry reporting.)

And even with that hefty tag, most financial advisors won’t guide you through the daily habits you need to reach your financial goals.


learning to do that for yourself inside the

My Financial Adulting Plan 

Where you're Getting:

8 weeks of money modules jam-packed with videos, written content & downloads designed to help you take control of your finances.

5 x BONUS modules so you can confidently manage your money with ease.

ALL the steps to create your own Financial Plan that’s tailored to your exact situation and dream goals. (One you can use again and again any time your goals shift).

A deep-dive understanding of WHO you are when it comes to money so you know exactly why you spend the way you do, how to set yourself up for financial success.

Comprehensive financial education around investing in shares, property, and business so you can identify the right strategies to grow your wealth and pay off your debt.

Access to weekly Q&As for 8 weeks with Mel to ask your burning questions about investing, paying off debt, or creating a financial plan.

⭐ Work room with Lawsie to sense check your financial plan, ask questions and work with others to get the work done.

⭐ 2 x Group accountability sessions with Lawsie to help you work through the course, stay on track and be held accountable.

Extra 1:1 support & coaching from Lawsie at an exclusive reduced rate to help you work through your financial plan. (1:1's are ONLY available to MFAP members).

3 x BONUS Challenges designed to help you find extra money (and make your investment back).

Twice weekly SMS’s to keep you on track.

Lifetime access to our private Facebook community - an incredibly supportive community who will support, share wins & encourage you every step of the way.

🛍️ Actual Total Retail Value - More than $6,500

Today’s Price: $99 per month

For 12 months. Or one upfront payment of $997

Click HERE to Join MFAP Today >>

100% Money-Back Guarantee

We’ve helped thousands of women (and blokes!) transform their finances and learn how to make their money work for them — and we’re confident this program will do the same for you too!

But we want you to feel good about your investment. So if this program isn't for you or doesn’t live up to your expectations, we’ve got you covered.

Just let us know within 14 days of purchasing and we'll refund your cash, no questions asked. Easy peasy.

My Financial Adulting Plan has already transformed the finances of a whole lot of women and families

Now It's Your Turn!

Curious what it’s really like inside MFAP?

Hear it straight from our students!
What it’s like building wealth and managing your finances WITHOUT My Financial Adulting Plan 😓
What it’s like building wealth and managing your finances WITH My Financial Adulting Plan 🎉
(in our students’ own words!)

I have to be ‘smart’ to understand all this money stuff.

Money isn’t hard. It’s fun! (I just never had someone explain it to me in a way that I understood before.)”

I’m too old to begin.

“I can have the choice of retirement at the age of 55 if I can develop enough passive income over the coming 17 years. I also started a relationship talking about money and it's so much stronger than any other relationship I've been in and we know we're working towards a common financial goal from the beginning.”

All of that complicated finance stuff is reserved for those who already have money or are money savvy.

“I have a share portfolio! This still blows my mind - I always thought investing in shares was for the top 1%. I had always tried to get started myself but being the Discerner I am was always completely overwhelmed and never took the first step. My favourite has to be seeing the top 200 drop - it’s like shares are on sale.”

I can’t start investing until I’ve made lots of money.

“I’ve started investing small amounts but it’s giving me life. I’m actually excited about the long term growth. I’ve changed how my super performs and have started to contribute more to make up for 2 years off on maternity leave -I’d wish they’d educate women about what that means financially for you especially now being a single parent.

Overwhelmed with where to start.

“Research/planning + action. Previously, I’ve been an absolute academic when it came to doing the research and making the plan. The biggest change I’ve made is to BRING THE ACTION. Love how one little successful action builds on the next little successful action, and before you know it, the compounding effect means you’re making measurable gains and actually moving through that meticulously well laid out plan.

Not starting because I’m frozen by analysis paralysis.

I’m so excited to do this! Now that I’ve started making changes I think I will keep building on it. Until I did this course I knew I wanted to do better but had no idea where to start or to get past paralysis by analysis!

Feeling stuck and constrained.

“How far my money can go. If you had told me I could save 10k a year I would NEVER have believed you.

My partner and I are on different pages when it comes to money.

“My husband and I have had important conversations about our future goals. I learnt my husband wants to live in France for a year when we are both retired!

Future You is Calling

… and it’s inviting you to take control and have financial choice.

☎️ HECK YES! I’m ready to take control >>

What's stopping you from answering the MFAP call?

Are you thinking... 🤔

“I just want to get through this busy phase of life first, then I'll dive in when things calm down."

“I’ll wait till I start earning more or maybe until I've paid off my debt to jump in.”

“Can an online course really help me enough with my finances to justify the cost?”

And hey, I get it.

Looking at your finances CAN be scary, triggering... or just plain boring.

Especially when it feels like the odds — rising interest rates, exorbitant cost of living and lack of financial knowledge — are stacked against you.

None of us did a course at school called money. And there's MANY options out there you could choose when it comes to dealing with your money.

But none of those options have been carefully curated like mine. There's a reason why we've had thousands go through the doors and achieved the results they have.

Here's the truth. When it comes to your money, the best time to get started was yesterday...

The Next Best Time?

Right Now.

Take it from someone who’s fallen into many financial pitfalls…

Ignoring your financials won’t magically fix things.

In fact, your situation will almost always be worse today than it is yesterday. (Because compound interest works against us too).

But when you decide to make change

and just start…

You will be making progress, recognising behaviours & already seeing financial & behavioural changes.

Because we'll give you practical first steps that you can start to use immediately💵💵

Next Month

You will understand where you are, where you want to go & have a plan to get there.

Because you’ll have created your very own personalised financial strategic PLAN that shows YOU how to be the author of your own financial story 💰💰

Next Year

You’ll be confidently carrying out your financial plan -saving, investing and paying off debts.

Because you’ll understand how to ENJOY your life today (yes, even in the midst of economic craziness) AND have choices tomorrow 🪙🪙

👆That’s just the tip of the iceberg, when you join the My Financial Adulting Plan.

 It empowers you to confidently make smart money moves, plan for life’s big moments, and set up a brighter future for you and your loved ones!

Get ready to view your money in a whole new lens and take back your power!

Because We Give a FAQ

It's time for you to make one of two choices...

The first choice is to choose to do nothing.

And as you already know, if you choose nothing...

then nothing changes. 

The second choice is to get into the financial driver's seat because you know it's time to start having choice today AND heading to a future you're excited about.

Join MFAP Today >>

So let me ask you something before we depart and go our separate ways:


If you ONLY learned how to diversify your income and make your money work for you, so you can enjoy today AND have choice tomorrow, would it be worth this investment? 




Join the My Financial Adulting Plan Today!>>