Work with Mel.

I want to help you create transformational change around your finances or your business. I do that through speaking, workshops, writing, online courses and in a limited capacity one on one. Click on speaking for more info on groups or if you’re interested in online courses or one on one, then keep reading.



Whether it’s transforming your business or your personal finances, my online eight week courses have been designed to deep dive with me to figure out why you’re behaving the way you do, give you great habits, tips, tricks and knowledge to be a success in the game of money or business.

One on One

I know what it takes to build a highly profitable business - I've done it three times myself and have worked with thousands of people over the years to help them too. Today, I mentor/coach no more than six people a year to help boost their business. To find out more and apply please email me and tell me why you’d love to work with me.

If you're after help with your personal finances you might check out my 8 week Financial Adulting Plan, buy one of my books or Workbooks or head to The Money Barre and book a 30 or 60 minute one on one

If you're after help with your business you might check out my 8 week Business Makeover Series or enquire about a business strategy session.

Corporates, Universities and other Organisations

I work with organisations either with workshops, speaking, running twelve month programs or acting as a spokesperson. To find out more head to the Speaking page or if you’re after someone to work with you to help present research, create content or help you deliver a message that delivers to an audience in a different way then shoot me an email explaining more.


Simply drop me a line, email me at or call me on 1300 692 288