Do you wish you had a Personal Assistant...

who would create meal plans for you, find the recipes, provide a grocery list AND save you 20% off your usual grocery bill while they’re at it?

We’ve found that Personal Assistant for you and best of all, they’re completely free!

Discover how to use the power of AI to save 20% on your Food Bill with our Free Step by Step Download.

Save 20% on Your Weekly Food Bill With This Free Guide!

Is this you?

You’re so over the relentless life admin of figuring out what food to cook each week.

You’re overwhelmed by the rising cost of food prices (not to mention the cost of everything else increasing).

You’re leaning a little heavily on Uber Eats and Take Out because you’re time poor and let’s be honest, cooking isn’t something you enjoy.

Let’s change that for you by 

Harnessing the Power of AI

And the best news? It’s absolutely free.

Introducing our exclusive FREE guide: 

AI Secrets to Save 20% on Your Food Bill.

You’ve probably heard about how AI is coming to take your job – but this is one job that I’m sure you’re happy to give it - the job of figuring out what to cook, creating grocery lists and finding recipes.

This simple, free resource will equip you with the knowledge and tools to leverage AI technology for unparalleled savings.

Say goodbye to overspending and hello to a smarter, more efficient way of managing how much you spend on food as well as reducing your food waste.

Save 20% on Your Weekly Food Bill With This Free Guide!

What's Inside This Game-Changing Guide?

Step by step instructions for how to use Chat GPT to reduce your food bill by 20%, taking into account your individual household make up and food requirements. We’ve also included access to a video where Mel will take you through exactly how to set up and use AI.

What do you have to lose other than a whole lot of life admin hours and 20% off your food bill.

Hey there!

My name is Melissa Browne, I’m an ex-accountant, ex-financial advisor and now financially independent in my own right (after coming back from less than nothing in my 30s as the result of a stupid financial mistake). I believe finance is personal and it’s about finding the solution that works best for YOU. This is definitely not a ‘one size fits all’ kinda place.

If we’ve just met, welcome to the path towards reducing your financial overwhelm. I promise you’ll discover you can do money well and you might even (dare I say) enjoy doing it.