Cost Less Christmas 

This year has been a lot - and for many people the silly season can also be, well, a lot. A lot of expense, stress and unnecessarily adding to waste that hurts our environment.

So we decided to do something about it - in a way that's fun, practical, informative and supports you to make positive changes. The result is our Cost Less Christmas - which is all about making sure the silly season will cost you less financially, environmentally and mentally.

It starts Wednesday 1 December where we email you one thing to do that day and every day til 24 December. 


Join us for a Cost Less Christmas

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Learn how to be creative around spending less and maybe even for the silly season to be cost neutral.

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Learn tools & techniques to reduce your silly season stress (which can also reduce your spending). 

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Learn how to spend in a way that aligns with your values and reduces your environmental load.

We want the Silly Season to Cost You Less this year

Christmas and the silly season can already cost a lot. It can cost financially, environmentally and emotionally - and I want to support you this year in having it, well, cost less.

After all, this has been a freaking tough year for so many people. What I don't want is for you to throw up your hands and overspend, overstress and overwaste (yes I'm making up words now) because you just want to finish the year feeling good. Trust me when I say, the financial hangover and regret you'll feel come January/February will not be worth it.

But let's be honest, at this time of year you don't necessarily have the willpower or time to stop yourself. What you need is a fairy godmother on your shoulder telling you what to do (and maybe also slapping your credit card out of your hand or hitting empty cart while she's at it).

That's where I and my friends step in. Over 24 days we're going to give you daily small to dos to ensure the silly season costs you less financially, environmentally and mentally. There'll be very little time taken and the effects will be long lasting. What do you have to lose?

So, join us from 1 December to receive your first tip and be sure to follow along on insta at More Money For Shoes where I'll also talk about some of these tips and you can share what you're doing to help ensure you have a #costlesschristmas. Maybe you'll inspire someone you know to ensure the silly season costs them less too.

Join us and let's make a choice to have a #costlesschristmas this year.

Join us for a Cost Less Christmas. It's FREE and kicks off on 1 Dec.

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