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When interest rates first started rising you probably thought that was inevitable. When they kept rising you started to cut back on your expenses. Now that they're continuing to rise chances are you're really feeling the pinch and don't know what's left to do other than to freak out.

Before you lean into that panic - I've got you.

Let me help reduce that stress with my free Interest Rate Survival Kit. It's a super practical resource that will give you 5 practical strategies for your mortgage. PLUS it also includes 50+ ideas to find more cash to help you pay for that rising mortgage repayment (and no, they are not all starting a business or getting a second job).

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Feeling the pinch? Chances are, here's why

The average mortgage size in Australia is $598,867 in September. 

This is up by 36% since 2017.

The average interest rate on a variable mortgage in Australia is 6.82%.
This is up from 3.25% a year ago. 

There have been 14 interest rate increases in Australia. 
With the Reserve Bank Governor suggesting more rate increases are needed.

The number of mortgage delinquencies in Australia is rising. 
The percentage of mortgages that are 30 days or more delinquent was 2.2% in May 2023, up from 1.9% a year ago.

As an ex-financial advisor, I see too many people either popping their head in the sand and putting their life on credit to try and maintain their lifestyle. Or at the other end of the spectrum, choosing to pause any type of investing and simply divert as much of their funds as they can into paying off their mortgage as quickly as possible. 

You might not realise this, but both strategies are super problematic.

That’s why I’ve created this Interest Rate Survival Kit.

To give you 5 of my top mortgage tips so you have a plan for your mortgage AND 50+ ways to find more cash to help you pay for that rising repayment.

That way, you can sleep better at night, knowing you’ve got this and you’re still looking after future you. 

P.S. Just one of my tips could save you tens of thousands of dollars over the lifetime of your loan.

What do you have to lose? Download my guide using the form below.

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