Dear Financial Fairy Godmother,

I would love it if a financial expert was able to compare the most popular investing apps in Australia and let me know in language I can understand so I don’t have to sift through and make sense of the many different apps myself? Thanks


It’s Your Financial Fairy Godmothers Here!

We heard you and we’ve waved our financial wands and created a free download just for you comparing the 9 most popular investing apps in Australia.

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Did you know that close to a quarter of all share investors in Australia have started investing in the past 2 years? And women now make up 45% of all new investors?

The great thing is it’s easier to invest
in shares than ever before.

The danger is that you choose an investing solution that’s not right for you which can lead to you losing money in fees or taxes down the track.

That's why we've done the hard work for you.

To save you time and money. We’ve compared:

  • What they do and how you can invest with them
  • The fees (this is an important one as they can eat up your investment)
  • What markets you can invest in – local and global
  • Whether you have ownership or not (known as Chess sponsorship)
  • Whether they have round up available
  • The minimum investment amount
  • Other features we like
Download Your Free Comparison Now!

Hi, I’m Mel

I’m an ex-accountant, ex-financial advisor and now financially independent in my own right (after coming back from less than nothing in my 30s as the result of a stupid financial mistake). I believe finance is personal and it’s about finding the solution that works best for YOU. This is definitely not a ‘one size fits all’ kinda place.

If we’ve just met, welcome to the path towards reducing your financial overwhelm. I promise you’ll discover you can do money well and you might even (dare I say) enjoy doing it.

My mission is to help women not just become financially resilient but financially thrive.

This guide is for those located and investing in Australia.

If you're from New Zealand or the United Kingdom, click the flag below to check out our investing apps guide just for you.