Calling all busy women in need of some easy but high impact money hacks!

Steal my 10 Money Hacks for busy women

I get it...

You’re juggling LOADS of balls and chances are you’ve popped the ‘finance ball’ on the ground and you intend to pick it up… but you haven’t got around to it yet.

But what if I told you that you could make positive changes to your finances… and all it will take is 5 minutes per day?

That’s worth picking that finance ball back up for, right?

I’m going to show you how with my 10 Money Hacks for busy women.
Download My 10 Money Hacks for Busy Women Here!

The power
of micro steps

10 super simple but effective money hacks to transform your finances NOW

My love of making long-lasting change to your finances – made easy

All you need is 5 minutes per hack.

Instead of scrolling through social media and suddenly realising an hour has past, pop that phone down and give 5 minutes to your finances. I promise your future self will thank you.


Download My 10 Money Hacks for Busy Women Here!

Hi, I'm Mel!

I'm not your typical money or finance chick. Yes, I'm an ex-accountant, ex-financial advisor & global best-selling author but I'm also a multi-millionaire after having started with less than nothing in my early thirties.

The truth is I've made some stupid mistakes along the way (humbling for a finance chick to admit to) but now in my 40s I have the choice to work or not. And no, I wasn't born to wealth and come from a very working-class western Sydney area.

Today, I'm passionate about helping women particularly reduce their financial overwhelm, understand why they behave with money the way we do, build their financial confidence, teach about investing and financial strategies and help them design a life they're excited about.