Want a quiz to help you understand just how financially fabulous, financially OK, or even possibly...

how financially f*cked you really are?!

Dealing with your finances can feel a little like trying to squeeze a long couch up a windy stairwell. Some of you can look at it and instantly know what to do. While some of you are yelling ‘pivot’ and nothing is moving.

(Sound Familiar?)

The problem with your finances is...

unlike a couch where you can see instantly just how stuck you are, many of us don’t know if we’re doing ok financially or not. Sure, we might kind of suspect, but...

wouldn’t it be helpful if you could take a simple quiz to help you understand how great, ok or stuck you really are?
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Why don’t we know if we’re financially great, OK, stuck or f*cked?

We weren’t taught money at school.

Hands up if you took a "Money" subject at school? Exactly. We learned trigonometry & calculus but not How to Invest or Good, Bad & OK Debt. 

Almost half of Australians are not financially literate

If you’re in another Western country, don’t pat yourselves on the back just yet, because we know your results are much the same.

Low financial literacy costs on avge $1,819 USD p/a

UK & Oz studies showed an even larger amount and the compounding effect of this cost exacerbates the wealth gap .

This means, many of us are applying one-size-fits-all approaches to our finances and wondering why it’s not working for us. Approaches like trying to stick to a strict budget, thinking you’re only financially adulting if you own your own home, paying off debt before you invest or following the 50/30/20 rule (spending 50% on needs, 30% on wants and 20% on savings).

None of which works for all of us.
With financial literacy so low

We Simply Don’t Understand Where We Are Financially

That’s where my quiz can help.

Sure, a quiz won’t solve all your financial problems, but it can highlight gaps and help you see where to start. Instead of just yelling pivot and hoping it changes.

What do you have to lose?

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Hi, I’m Mel!

Bestselling author of “Unf&ck Your Finances,” a socially awkward introvert who loves fashion, reading & puzzles.

I’m an ex-financial advisor & ex-accountant who went from having less than nothing in my 30s to creating financial independence in my 40s.

And I mean NOTHING.

After donating every cent of my divorce settlement and my bank accounts to charity, after a throw-away-line by my ex-husband, I was left with less than nothing.

While my peers were ticking off financial & life milestones… (Weddings! Babies! Houses!)

I found myself bunking in a “frat house” with five flatmates and five-figures of debt, wondering how the heck I was supposed to start all over again in my late 30s.

After a mini meltdown (or ten!), I realised I had two choices:

Option #1

I could either surrender to my circumstances, curl up into a ball, and call it quits…

Option #2

I could face my financial fears head-on and fight to turn my life around.

So, I started learning & then applying.

I created my own financial plan by mapping out my current financial assets (less than $0), my income (which was way too low), my financial goals, and figuring out how to bridge that gap.

None of it was easy.

Even with a financial background, looking at my *own* finances triggered shame, fear, and a deep, deep desire to run away from it all.

But I knew if I ever wanted to achieve *my* version of financial independence, I had to take a long hard look at my financial patterns and my relationship with money.

Fast-forward 15 years and I’ve become a financially independent multi-millionaire in my 40s, with multiple income streams!

More importantly? Mapping out my financial plan and the specific strategies needed to reach my goals didn’t just give me financial independence...

It gave me something far more valuable:

Freedom of CHOICE

I want to help you work towards choice too. 

That's why, along with Lauren Law (AKA Lawsie), I've made it my mission to help you become financially empowered so you can CHOOSE the life you want AND have the finances to back it up too!

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