You’ve probably already done a ton of quizzes.

The personality quiz, the strengths test quiz and let’s not forget the whether you’re a Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte or Miranda quiz.

Now let me help you discover whether you're a Relator, Worker, Discerner or Creator. It's the start of you transforming your relationship with money & realising you’re not doing money wrong, you just haven’t discovered who you are with…

My Free Money Type Quiz

Discover whether you're a Discerner, Worker, Relator or Creator by Taking my FREE Money Type Quiz Now! >
You might not realise…

48% of women in the western world are financially illiterate

(and blokes, before you pat yourself on the back, you’re about a percentage point better).

That means you’re potentially pressing pause, abdicating financial responsibility or you believe that you’re doing money wrong (or you’re bad at money).

Here's the thing though, you’re not bad with money. The system is broken because too many people are trying to apply a one size fits all approach to their finances.

Let me explain.

What if I told you that the only shoe size available to everyone from now on is a size 9 women’s shoe. Who’s happy? Me? I’m delighted. But I know there’ll be at least 75% of you who are about to walk around barefoot (and potentially injured) because they simply can’t make that work.

That’s what we’ve been doing for too long with our finances.

We weren’t taught money at school and so we apply one-size-fits-all approaches to our finances like Elizabeth Warren’s 50/30/20 approach telling us to spend 50% on needs, 30% on wants and 20% on savings which also doesn’t work for most of us. So we wonder why we’re financially sabotaging, we’re not at the age and stage we should be or we’re just not good at money. Or maybe we think this of our partner. When the truth is...

we simply don’t understand who we are financially.
Discover whether you're a Discerner, Worker, Relator or Creator by Taking my FREE Money Type Quiz Now! >

Hey there!

My name is Melissa Browne, I’m an ex-accountant, ex-financial advisor and now financially independent in my own right (after coming back from less than nothing in my 30s as the rest of a stupid financial mistake). I believe finance is personal and it’s about finding the solution that works best for YOU. This is definitely not a ‘one size fits all’ kinda place.

If we’ve just met, welcome to the path towards reducing your financial overwhelm. I promise you’ll discover you can do money well and you might even (dare I say) enjoy doing it.

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