How do you invest in shares?

How do you make money from shares?
Do I just download an app and start?
Should I pay off my debt before I start investing?
Do I even have enough to start investing?
Isn’t share investing just legalised gambling?

Are ALL the questions you have about share investing causing you to press pause or overthink?

Have you tried to google the answers, listen to a podcast or even read a book and become overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information when it comes to share investing?

You're not alone.

I’ve seen far too many smart women put off investing in shares - because they feel overwhelmed and believe they don’t have the funds to get started.

Let’s do a little math to explain why I want you to care:
Option 1

You think it’s too hard or you don’t have enough money so you spend $50 per week.

At the end of 35 years, you’d have nothing to show for it.

Option 2

You spend 60 minutes with me, start to understand the basics of share investing and invest $50 per week earning an 8% return.

At the end of 35 years, you’d have almost half a million dollars invested.

Now this is the math that makes sense for you to get interested in share investing

And that’s just one reason why you should join my Money Lessons with Mel: Share Investing Basics.

The truth is...

Investing in the share market is the same as any other skill you need to learn, it requires some education.

Sure you could google that education. Or you could spend 90 minutes with me.

Let’s get you confident around investing in shares with me inside the:

Instant Access | $49

Plus you’ll have access to the recording for 60 days!

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Learn about share investing from the comfort of your couch in your pjs!

Inside this class you’ll discover the jargon-free, finance-bro-free basics of share investing


💰 How to make money from shares

💰 Goals, time frames, fees & diversification: Why you need to understand & have a strategy for each of these things before you invest

💰 Passive investing vs Active investing: Which is the right approach for you?

💰 Micro-investing apps vs traditional platforms

💰 How to choose a share & an ETF: What to look for plus we'll do a case study together where you'll decide if you would invest or not

💰 And so much more!

All this for only $49!

Plus you’ll have access to the recording for 60 days

Count me in! I’m ready to learn about shares >

Hi, I'm Mel!

I'm an ex-accountant and ex-financial advisor with over 25 years experience in the finance space.

So I have the theory. But I also have the life experience.

I'm also an investor in shares and property and a multi-millionaire in my own right, having started from less than nothing in my 30s. And before you think that I came from money, I didn't. I'm from the Western Suburbs of Sydney.

Today, I’m on a mission to help women like you demystify investing and wealth creation - on our terms. Without having to suffer through all the mansplaining and uncertainty that breeds fear and doubt that means we miss out on some amazing opportunities.

Just imagine if you had that ability with successful share investing, what would you do? How would that instantly change your life and business for the better?

The good news is, with my approach you can get started with less than $500 and start to watch your portfolio grow.

Count me in! I’m ready to learn about shares >

“She has changed my life. I now have a share portfolio. I have never before invested in shares!”


“I feel like such a grown up. I put my big pants on this morning & invested my first ever $$ in shares. Yay!”


“I’m yet to make my first investment, but I’m not as scared of it anymore, which is huge for me.”

Who this class is right for?
  • You might never have invested in shares or you might have started investing already
  • You're sure there's more to learn and you're ready and willing to start learning
  • You want to pick up tips & tricks from an expert
Who this class is Wrong for?
  • You're an expert share trader who has already been trading for years successfully
  • You’re Warren Buffet

If you're skeptical or overwhelmed, I get it.

There's too many people pushing get rich quick schemes or talking about money who don't have the professional qualifications to speak with authority.

That's not me and that's certainly not what I'm about.

Instead, I believe too many people have been kept in the dark for far too long when it comes to taking control of our investments.

But this class is your chance to discover how to get started investing in shares simply and know what to do next to get started . . .

I know what it is like not to feel empowered by my finances, and I know the sheer relief of what taking that overwhelm away feels like; the weight that has been lifted, and the choice that financial freedom brings. 

I believe that too many people have been kept in the dark for too long when it comes to taking control of their investments, which is why I have created this lesson for YOU!

Purchase today and let’s start getting you confident about investing in shares.

Come with me, let me show you how …
Count me in! I’m ready to learn about shares >