In a recent survey, the number one financial goal for 2024 was 


But what if I told you that not all debt is equal and you could be in a worse off position if you simply concentrated on paying off your mortgage.

Or that while it might make financial sense to pay off your credit cards before you start investing, that might not be true for everyone.

And those credit card points you're chasing? You're over-spending by possibly thousands of dollars to get them.

Yes, really.

That's why I'm running a FREE webinar that's all about busting myths, giving you strategies AND practical tips when it comes to debt.

What do you think of when I say the word debt?

Maybe it’s words like stressed, mortgage, interest rates or anxiety.

Now imagine instead that you thought of words like opportunity, different types of debt, strategy and even relaxed.

Not sure how that could be possible for you?

That’s what I’m covering in my free webinar that’s all about debt.

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  and learn how to...

When to Flee From, Focus On & Forget about Debt 

 It's a FREE webinar designed to help you: manage, pay off and use debt to your advantage.

What do you think about when I say the word DEBT?

Maybe it’s never-ending mortgagestress,  overwhelmed, sleepless nights, shame or anxiety?

Now imagine instead that it was words like strategy, plan, good, bad, freaking awful & OK, hopeful, or even relaxed.

Not sure how that could be possible for you?

The Truth Is...

Finance is Personal

The 'Debt free' life is right for some but not for all. Instead, it's figuring out what's right for you and creating a strategy you can feel comfortable and excited about putting into place.
How will you do that? Well, during our 90 minutes together, I'll...

Explain the four different types of debt and what your strategy might look like for each different type

Give you 10+ strategies for getting into, getting out of and getting comfortable with different types of debt

Walk you through a case study showing why getting comfortable with some debt is worthwhile

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Huge thing for me... Just paid out my car loan early (over $3,000 saved). Zero credit card debt. Buffer back to where I want it. Merry freaking Christmas! And now to spend the holidays deciding how to deploy the extra cash flow from having no more repayments! Hardest thing will be making positive goals for myself instead of 'reducing negative' type goals. Thanks Mel and Lawsie for sharing the tools to do this. 

Louise P

Since doing MFAP last year, despite interest rate rises, with the strategies we learn with offset accounts etc., more money has come off my mortgage in the last 12 months, than ever in the time that I've had a mortgage. As a result in addition to the offset account there is also 12K now sitting on the mortgage that is able to be redrawn.

Carolyn B

Before MFAP, I was trying to save money, but dipping into my savings & struggling to grow them. I also felt like I was in a cycle of paying off my credit card, only to start using it again. Now as MFAP comes to a close, I am so pleased to share that I have closed one credit card, paid off & dropped another credit card limit to a very low amount, paid off & closed a ZipPay & ZipMoney account, automated payments into a savings, buffer & share investing account & started investing in ETFs.


If you're ready to...

be in control and escape 'chasing your tail' or the daily grind of working to pay off your debt (because the truth is, you can't earn your way to wealth) then join me for this FREE webinar.

This FREE webinar is for you if:

✅ One of your goals is to get rid of debt

✅ You’re in a cycle of credit cards or Buy Now Pay Later that you can’t seem to get out of

✅ You’re so relieved interest rates have stopped rising but now you’re facing higher mortgage payments and can’t ever imagine being free of it without winning the lotto

✅ You love the idea of investing but can’t see how that’s possible with the debt you have

✅ You've heard about using debt to build wealth but not sure how that could work for you

This FREE webinar is NOT for you if:

❌ You prefer finance bro speak and mansplaining

❌ You have a plan for your finances that you are 100% confident will work for you and you’re sticking to it

Hi, I'm Mel!

Let’s be clear, I’m not your typical finance bro. Yes, I’m an award-winning ex-accountant and ex-financial advisor but I’m also a multi-millionaire (after having started with less than nothing in my early thirties) who is now a financial educator & best-selling author.

My training has helped thousands of people transform their finances.

My passion is to help women take control of & even transform their finances. Maybe you’re a business owner, a high income earner, a carer or a stay at home mum. Maybe you’re in sales and marketing, events, c-suite, customer service or an accountant wanting to know more. My job is to help move you from a place where:

  • you feel overwhelmed by money, investing and debt
  • you feel like it’s just too much
  • you’re lacking clear direction & not sure of the path you should take (amongst the many paths)
  • you feel like you’re working harder and harder and not gaining financially

To a place where you feel financially confident because you’ve increased your financial literacy, you’ve created a financial plan you know is possible for you and you know the steps you need to take to bring it to fruition.

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