It's not worth me going back to work when childcare will take up almost 50% of my income 


I'll start paying super again once my business starts making money

What if I told you, you're doing the math all wrong. Discover just how much that unpaid super is costing you…




So you’ve decided to take a career break ... but what might that mean for your super?

Whether it’s time away from the paid workforce to have a baby, start a business, travel, or something else that you’ve been dreaming about, you can make sure you are still looking after your future self.

And if you’ve already taken that break and you’re worried about the super you didn’t receive from an employer or pay yourself during that time – IT’S NOT TOO LATE!

My free DOWNLOAD can help you.


The stats are simple

Women retire on average with 23% less superannuation than men

Women in their 50s are most at risk of homelessness

There are more than 450,000 women in their 40's at risk of homelessness

Currently, one in two marriages end in divorce


to give a sh*t about your superannuation

To understand the consequences of the decisions you made yesterday, today & will make tomorrow and have a plan to do something about it.

My free worksheet will help you figure out exactly how much superannuation you may lose (or have lost) at retirement if you do nothing. 

Hint: chances are it's hundreds of thousands of dollars. Trust me. 

AND most importantly, it will help you figure out a plan to catch up. It doesn't matter whether that catch up is before you take a super break, during or after - as long as you understand the impact of the steps you can take today.

The stats are simple and scary and too many women aren't taking into account the compounding nature of the lost super. That’s why I created a FREE calculator where, by the time you've completed it, you'll have both knowledge and a plan. Download it, play with it, share your findings with your partner (if you have one) and figure out how to catch up your lost super together.

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“This was great thank you! It's crazy to think how much money we lose when we have children! Doesn't really seem fair. But I did the calculator with my husband last night. Great conversation as well as him investing more in to his super! Wonderful!  

“Very timely to receive this please as my wife and I are about to have a baby. We have the double super burden being both females and sharing maternity leave for 12 months. I was just looking into it the other day and how I should arrange for my super payment to still go in over those months. Thanks for all your tips.”

“Thanks so much. I found this calculator (and your podcast) really helpful and have now set up a direct debit after tax contribution each month to cover the year I plan to take off once I eventually have a baby. May as well cover the losses now while I can afford it!"

🚨 Warning: This isn’t your average vague, money mindset download. I'm not about that at all. Instead, this will give you clarity around exactly how much superannuation you've foregone AND help you understand how to catch it up. There's also no judgement here around taking career breaks. I'm ALL about choice. BUT I want you to understand the financial implication of your choices and to make a plan to catch that super up.

Hi, I'm Mel

Let’s be clear, I’m not your typical finance bro. Yes, I’m an award-winning ex-accountant and ex-financial advisor but I’m also a multi-millionaire (after having started with less than nothing in my early thirties) who is now a financial educator & best-selling author.

My training has helped thousands of people develop their own tailored financial mix of everything they need to place their energy into and nothing they don’t so they can walk away from the financial merry-go-round they’re on.

My passion is to increase the financial literacy of women and in doing so, to help create your financial confidence and your wealth.

Click here to download my FREE super calculator>>

“Hi Mel, just wanted to share my 'holy smokes' reality check re superannuation. I lived overseas for a couple of years and didn't realise how much it was impacting my super &/or lack thereof. I've worked super hard this year to supercharge it and get it to what I think is a healthier level. Your calculator helped with seeing how much the compounding amount was/would've been affected by the years I was away. Thanks so much." 

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