Uncensored Money Season Three: 8 Popular Apps to Save You Money 

Melissa Browne: Ex-Accountant, Ex-Financial Advisor, Ex-Working Till I Drop, Now Serial Entrepreneur & Author, Financial Wellness Advocate, Living a Life by Design | 15/06/2022


There has been a lot of talk in the news recently about inflation rates, lifestyle creep, interest rates and the cost of living. So over the next few episodes, Mel and Lawsie will unpack these topics and share practical tips you can implement straight away. 

In this episode, Mel and Lawsie share their 8 favourite apps to help you save money, including on groceries, fuel, eating out, energy and shopping. 

During this episode, Mel also mentions a download listing 8 of their favourite apps:  https://www.melissabrowne.com.au/moneysavingapps  

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