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Dealing with our finances should be simple BUT there's so much information out there, it's like being handed a menu item with 10,000 items & being told to quickly choose.


The problem is we don't understand the menu, we're overwhelmed by choice or we're scared we're not going to be able to afford anything. We're too ashamed or embarrassed to ask questions because we don't want to look stupid and we feel uncomfortable talking about it. 

That's where I step in. My job is to help women particularly reduce their financial overwhelm, increase their financial literacy (& confidence) and design a life they're excited about.

Part of what I do is to help people unlearn and relearn, to swap behaviour, to be aware of our money triggers and our money identity, to bust money & gender myths and discover how to apply personal leadership to our finances. That's because I believe finance is personal - there shouldn't be a one size fits all approach. It's time we understand that money isn't good or evil but is simply a tool we can use to help us design the life we love.

How I do that is through my online courses and Masterclasses as well as working with corporates, speaking at conferences, running workshops and helping create interesting and unique financial products.

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Speaking & Workshops


Empowerment, resilience, wellness – they’re terms we use a lot in our workplaces. They’re things we want for our businesses, our people and ourselves. So, we invest in leadership, coaching and health but we often miss the one thing that permeates all of this – our finances. It’s why, I believe that conversations about money aren’t a nice to do, they’re a must do. 

As a finance expert and business strategist, I’m regularly asked to present at conferences and to run workshops and seminars for businesses, universities or other organisations about money, finances, personal leadership and business. I also regularly comment on TV and radio about topical issues to do with money, business, finance, women’s issues and more.

I can speak virtually or at your premises or conference, whether that’s a keynote, as part of a panel, hosting a panel or running a workshop.

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Melissa Browne
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Special Projects


I love working with brands to create content that is unique to them. Whether that’s an e-book, articles, video series, podcast, workshop series, their own branded online finance course or more. 

I’ve also acted as an Ambassador for brands where I believe there is alignment with our missions or perhaps they’ve conducted research in an area that I’m passionate about such as female personal empowerment.

Contact me to find out if there is an alignment and how we might possibly work together to create something unique for your business or your people.


Examples of projects I’ve worked on brands with:

Officeworks: For a couple of years I worked as a Tax Time Spokesperson where I wrote articles, filmed content to help small business owners and conducted media interviews for TV.

Business Chicks: I've worked with Business Chicks over many years including being on panels at their Business Chicks Expos over multiple years, giving keynotes and running webinars on personal finances and business strategy.

Simone Perele: I was part of a workshop series that involved intimate events where I was part of a panel for their best customers on building a business as well as being part of a panel Simone Perele sponsored at the Business Chicks Expo. 

Compare the Market: Compare the Market initially wanted me to write an e-book for them but I discussed their target market with them and suggested we also film a companion video series which they did. 

Frasers Property: Frasers Property wanted to run a series to help first home owners understand what it would take to buy their own home. As part of that campaign I was involved in a podcast episode, video and was part of a panel held at one of their supplier's showrooms.

Mamamia: I have been a guest on a number of Mamamia's Podcasts and in 2021 I co-hosted the What the Finance, an 8 part podcast series. 

Xero: I have enjoyed a long term relationship with Xero including being in videos, on multiple panels at both Xerocons and Road Shows, being an Awards Judge and being a Spokesperson for research they conducted including articles and TV.

Rabobank: I have written several articles for Rabobank.

Let's Chat

Hey there, I'm Mel.

Today, I own multi-million-dollar businesses and am financially independent, but it wasn’t always that way: I certainly didn’t always used to be good at money, or business and have had to claw my way back from less than zero. I’ve learned the hard way that until I understood my own money story and money identity, I would continue to financially stumble and self-sabotage.

The problem is, for so long I stumbled on my own. There really wasn’t anyone to talk to about it.

That’s because, for women particularly, there is an almighty ick factor when it comes to money and finances. Nice girls don’t talk about it and they certainly don’t say they want more of it. The problem is, if we want to become financially empowered, to have choice, to make societal change, to raise funds for great causes, to reduce the wage gap and look after ourselves in our old age – we kind of need to start financially adulting.

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Womens Agenda
CEO Magazine
Business Chicks
Compare The Market
Frasers Property
The Huffington Post
Triple J
Sky News
The Sydney Morning Herald
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