Hey, I’m Mel.

Bestselling author of “Unf&ck Your Finances,” multi-award winning entrepreneur, and avid lover of designer shoes!

I also happen to be an ex-financial advisor & ex-accountant who went from having less than nothing in my 30s to creating financial independence in my 40s.

And I mean NOTHING.

After donating every cent of my divorce settlement and my bank accounts to charity, I was left with:

😧 No money for a rental bond
😧 No money for wages for my team (or even for myself!)
😧 No money for business cashflow

And no way of asking for my money back!

While my peers were ticking off financial & life milestones… (Weddings! Babies! Houses!)

I found myself bunking in a “frat house” with five flatmates and five-figures of debt, wondering how the heck I was supposed to start all over again in my late 30s.

After a mini meltdown (or ten!), I realised I had two choices:

Option #1

I could either surrender to my circumstances, curl up into a ball, and call it quits…

Option #2

I could face my financial fears head-on and fight to turn my life around.

I created my own financial plan by mapping out my current financial assets (less than $0), my income (which was way too low), my financial goals, and figuring out how to bridge that gap.

I found creative and scrappy ways to earn money so I could afford to eat something other than $3 packets of instant noodles.

I buried my nose into every finance book out there to claw my way out of debt and even made costly mistakes trying to invest in the stock market.

None of it was easy.

Even with a financial background, looking at my *own* finances triggered shame, fear, and a deep, deep desire to run away from it all.

But I knew if I ever wanted to achieve *my* version of financial independence, I had to take a long hard look at my financial patterns and my relationship with money.

Fast-forward to today, I’ve become a financially independent multi-millionaire in my 40s, with multiple income streams!

More importantly?

Mapping out my financial plan and the specific strategies needed to reach my goals didn’t just give me financial independence...

It gave me something far more valuable:

Freedom of CHOICE

Now, I get to choose whether or not I continue working. When and where to travel. How to spend my money. And whether to pack it all up and live in a small cottage in Europe if I wanted to! 

I know that's what you're yearning for too...

That's why, along with Lauren Law (AKA Lawsie), I've made it my mission to help you become financially empowered so you can CHOOSE the life you want AND have the finances to back it up too!

Hey, I’m Lauren Law

AKA Lawsie!

Proud mum of a cocker spaniel and a big fan of the simple pleasures in life (like kicking back in my comfiest jeans and flats)!

I’m *also* an ex-accountant and financial advisor who has cracked the money management puzzle in my 30s.

By tapping into the power of a personalised financial plan, I’ve been able to:
✨ Set crystal clear financial goals and identify how much is “enough.”
✨ Build up financial assets that’ll fund *my* version of financial independence.
✨ And develop financial habits that allow me to enjoy life’s pleasures today while still saving money for future me!

The result?

Once I’m in my 40s, I too can choose where to travel, whether to work, and whether to clock out for early retirement!

Together, Mel and I have helped thousands of women (and a few good men) just like you positively transform their finances so they can design and live the life they want.

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