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Buying & Investing in Property

FREE Webinar: 33 ways to find $10k in 12 months 

Thursday 12 August at 7:30pm

During times of uncertainty, often having a plan, knowing something you can do to positively affect your situation can be so freaking helpful.

That's what I want to help you create with this free webinar where I will give you 33 ways to find $10k in 12 months. Then, what you do with that $10k is completely up to you, be it, pay down debt, create a cash buffer for emergencies or invest it.


What I know is that all 33 of the strategies I'll talk about during the free webinar won't be relevant. But chances are at least a quarter will. That means you'll walk away with at least 8 ways you can find an extra $10k in 12 months. (And here's a secret, you don't have to limit yourself to just one).

What do you have to lose? Join me for this super practical FREE webinar where I'll show you 33 ways to find $10,000 in 12 months. 

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Masterclass: Understand your numbers to understand how to grow your business

Thursday 26 August at 7:30pm

It's fair to say that not many business owners start a business because they want to geek out on numbers. The problem is, too few business owners take the time to understand the numbers side of their business. Trust me when I tell you, that your business is suffering because you haven't taken the time to understand how to grow your business through understanding your numbers.

That's why I'm running a Masterclass on Understanding the Numbers & How to Grow your Business. The cost is $49 and you'll have access to the recording for a whole 60 days.

To register or to find out more including what we will cover during the masterclass, click the button below.


Budgets Don't Work (But this Does) Worksheets

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