Uncensored Money: With Melissa Browne

Melissa Browne: Author, Advisor and Author of Unf*ck your Finances| 12/20/2018 

In this episode of Uncensored Money, the microphone is handed across to Lauren, my co-founder at the Money Barre to interview me about my finances, my money story, my business mistakes, my financial fears and regrets and so much more.

Why? Well, I believe you can't say you want to share money stories and better conversations about money and then hide behind the microphone so it was my turn to be vulnerable and share my money history and my financial plans. Who am I for anyone new? I own three businesses - A&TA, an award winning accounting firm, The Money Barre, a financial planning firm for Gen X & Gen Y and Thinkers.inq, a long day preschool built on play with purpose. I've written three books, More Money for Shoes, Fabulous but Broke and Unf*ck your Finances and write a regular column on finance for the Sydney Morning Herald/ The Melbourne Age as well as being a regular money commentator in the media. I'm a financial wellness advocate that is particularly passionate about working with Gen X and Gen Y women.

We talk about my money stories, multiple streams of income, business failures, why I wrote three books and have multiple businesses, my financial fears, what I did right and what I did wrong in my 20s and 30s, what I'm working towards now and so much more.

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