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Lauren Law aka Lawsie is an ex-accountant and ex-financial advisor who in her mid thirties owns her own home, has investments in property and shares and also helps run her husband’s small business. So not only does she know the theory, but has put it into action and can certainly help you with your general questions about your finances.

Please note, the information provided will be general in nature and will not take into account your personal circumstances, financial needs or objectives. If you need specific financial advice about what to invest in, what super fund is best for you or what insurance you need, please seek independent financial advice.

Lauren Law

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About Lauren Law

I believe the thing that most people want when it comes to money is options. The option to travel overseas, to take time off work and study, to give to charity, buy that dream home or embrace a tree change. The problem is too many people are looking to credit cards or to the government or to credit cards to give them those options and both of those solutions are ultimately going to fail them.

When it comes to managing your money I think it’s all about goal setting, working out a plan to reach those goals and then discipline to stick to the plan, even when it gets tough. Which is really the same as my approach to anything endurance sport related that I do. Whether I am aiming for my next half-marathon, trail run or bike ride I know it’s about planning, discipline with my training and finding great people to help get me there successfully, so I can enjoy the end result.

Of course, managing your finances doesn’t mean you have to completely sacrifice your current lifestyle and I actually believe you need to have balance between living and enjoying the now as well as looking after future you. So that’s why when I am training for a big bike ride or run, you will still see me enjoying great food, sipping a glass of red wine or two and skipping the occasional workout in my training plan, but still showing up at the start line of my next event. And same with my finances, not every spare $$ goes to future me, but by being disciplined and realistic with what I do on a day to day basis, I can continue to go out and enjoy time with friends now, map out my next travel adventure and still put money aside for future me.

What else do you need to know about me? I’m an ex-accountant and tax expert which means that I understand both parts of the puzzle – money and tax. My husband owns a mobile mechanic business so I understand the pressure of cashflow and small business ownership and I’m mum to two furry cocker spaniels. Oh and I love flat shoes and jeans as much as Mel loves heels and fancy pyjamas.

Lauren Law
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