Uncensored Money: With Jess Fox

Melissa Browne: Author, Advisor and Author of Unf*ck your Finances| 9/16/2018   

In this episode of Uncensored Money I chat all things money with Jess Fox - a dual Olympic-medallist-kayaker, School Dux, Psychology student, bi-lingual, dog-selfie-taking, 5 x world champion canoe slalom athlete. She is the daughter of two world champion parents so world champion kayaker is in the genes. 

We talk about what it takes financially to become a world class athlete, whether there is more pressure if mum and dad are paying the bills or sponsors, how much money there is in an Olympic medal if you're in more of an unknown sport and what does goal setting look like for her given she has achieved so much both athletically and academically. 

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