Are you feeling overwhelmed?

Jul 25, 2022

This week it's all about... feeling overwhelmed - even when you know it's a good thing.

In this week's video I talk about the overwhelm I've felt with packing today (yes, first world problems today but stick with me) and how even when we're planning for good things, we can want to hit pause or even sabotage.

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Hi, and welcome to Mel's Money Musings.

Today is a bit of a different one cause I wanna talk about overwhelm and stress and what it can cause you to do, how it can cause you to hijack even those things that you know are good for you. And I'm doing this on the, uh, day that I'm leaving to go to Europe for a month. So before you hit stop, bear with me. Uh, so you, I am feeling so overwhelmed.

You can probably see a mess behind me and it's not from a lack of planning. I have a Monday board, which is a project based system where I have everything. I have a spreadsheet where I have catalogued the clothes I wanna take. I have worked all weekend to make sure there's nothing done. And yet the overwhelmed and the feel, this sense of just wanting to flee and go, oh, screw it. I don't wanna go is overwhelming.

And some of you are probably thinking Mel, come on. But what we do sometimes as humans is even those things that we know are gonna be great, we can tend to hijack. We can let that stress and overwhelm actually stop us from moving. And the reward for me is I get to see my husband. Uh, the con for me, if I don't go is that I wouldn't see him for three months. So this is not something I would choose to do for myself. It's if I wanna see my husband for three months, that reward is totally worth getting on that plane.

Now your overwhelm, your stress might be different. And it'll be for things that you know are gonna benefit you too like mine is. It might be that you are, uh, scared about putting, you're overwhelmed about putting your prices up in your business. It might be that you are overwhelmed about hitting that next level in your business. It might be stress from asking for a pay rise. It might be stress and overwhelm from wanting to start investing in the share market or buying a property or an investment property, or even figuring out what to do with your finances or dealing with debt.

You know that the end result of all of these things is great. However, sometimes even with all the planning, all the research, all the action steps, you still can feel like you wanna pull the plug, get into a fetal or corner and just hide. I know I do.

So this is your reminder today to keep your eye on that reason for doing it and take the next step. I want you to think about that one thing you can do today, that'll just move you along. And I want you to think about that prize, that thing that you will have. Maybe it's more money. Maybe it is more profit. Maybe it is more superannuation. Maybe it's the ability to give back more. Maybe it's an overseas trip next year.

But whatever it is, I want you to keep your eye on that. This is your reminder that sometimes we can try to sabotage and feel stressed and overwhelmed, but even those things that we know should we should be happy about, we should be excited about, we should be wanting to do, and then to figure out how can I remove that? What steps can I take to remove that overwhelm?

For me, it meant doing a workout this morning. It meant as soon as I got up this morning to start packing. It meant having a call with Jen who's still here and our admin person to say, right? These are the things in my brain that I need to pass to you. It's going and getting my hair done. So that's one thing that I don't have to think about for the first week over there.

And then it is a bunch of stuff I've written out a to-do list this morning, so that I know that my brain, which is kind of on hyperdrive as you can probably hear, knows that it doesn't have to worry about anything falling out.

I hope that if you're playing along with me at More Money For Shoes on Insta, I hope you'll come and play and watch and be inspired by the travel that I'm gonna be doing over the next month. And also all the money stuff I'm still gonna be talking about. But until then, hope you have a great week.

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