My Financial Adulting Plan: Kirsten’s Story

May 23, 2022

On a Friday in early December 21, 15 extraordinary women showed up to tell their money stories about how their finances have been financially transformed as a result of completing the 8 week My Financial Adulting Plan.

Kirsten is one of those incredible women.

I don't think we're telling our money stories, we're not celebrating our wins, talking about the things we're struggling with or sharing our hardships. Maybe it's because we're ashamed or fearful or that we think it's not polite.

Here, we want to change that.

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If you were to describe me and my relationship with money, you would've said I was like the really bad boy boyfriend. I was avoidant. Non-committal.

All of the things that you really wouldn't want in, in a partner. That's how I was with money. Oh, worry about it later. Mm it'll be fine next payday. That was how I was with money.

My circumstances changed significantly about a year ago and going through a divorce and having to work out money solo. So that was my big catalyst for, okay. What does this look like now? I can't ignore it anymore.

It has because of the course become a topic and a topic that was never touched before. Why didn't we talk about it? Private people have a sense of privacy about it. Uh, the idea of you don't talk about your income, which is unusual.

Women should definitely be talking about their income. There's a comfort thing. You need to be able to feel more comfortable talking about money. It's just another part of life.

I feel like I know more now. So it's, I knew that I wanted to know more, but I didn't know what it was that I needed to know. I just knew I had a really big gap.

In my position right now today is quite different to what I can actually see it's going to look like even in six months time, so six months, 12 months time, I can see on paper exactly exactly where I'm gonna be. Yeah. That makes me excited. The three year plan that makes me super excited because it is gonna be landing some bigger goals for me.

Fantastic. It's exciting. It's uh, sometimes overwhelming, but not in a bad way. But yeah, it feels really good and I'm really, really glad that I've done it. Just do it. It's necessary.

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