The Duchess Address 👑

Dec 21, 2023

For the last three years, my word of the year has been 'Duchess' and so it seems fitting as we leave 2023 behind, I share a Duchess Address with you all. 


Mel x


As one contemplates the end of another year. One finds oneself thinking about, for the love of God, who can keep that up? The reason this is called the Dutches address and the reason for that terrible accent is that for the last few years, my word has been the Duchess. That's because a number of years ago I decided I when I sold my accounting firm, I no longer wanted to play small.

And I wanted to compare. I didn't want to compare myself to what others were doing and find myself wanting, or kind of run forward, but with an eye on the rearview mirror to find out what everyone else is doing. I wanted to step into the Bridgerton Duchess Power, where it was very much about shoulders back, head up, run my own race.

And that served me so well that instead of finding a new word every single year, I took that word with me for three years in a row. And then but these year, I'm laying it down because the truth is it doesn't serve me any more. And what I want to suggest to you is that you've been carrying some things with you when it comes to your finances that no longer serve you.

Maybe there were things that you did pre-COVID that really we can't afford to be doing anymore. Maybe they were habits that you picked up during COVID that just don't work for you anymore. And what I want to suggest to you is that at the end of a year is a beautiful time to reflect and to ask the question, what do I want to bring with me?

What do I want to lay down? And what new things still I want to pick up because we are not doing New Year's resolutions. You know that, right? You know that 80% of New Year's resolutions fail by first of Feb and only 8% of us take those New Year's resolutions to the end of the year.

So let's just decide not to set us up for failure from the get go, and instead I want you to think about those three questions when it comes to your finances. One, What are you doing that's working for you? What do you want to bring with you into 2024 when it comes to your finances? Maybe you've just started investing and you want to bring that with you. Maybe it's a habit that you've picked up that really is serving you.

Maybe that you got rid of credit cards you like. I am not bringing them back. What are you going to bring with you? What are you going to leave behind? Is the second question. What are you doing now that you know is not serving you? And as soon as I ask that question, you know what, at least one of those three things are?

What are you going to leave behind? Maybe on a Friday night? You've just become a bit of a zombie consumer where you bored, you scrolling and you very quickly to click to buy. Maybe you've been clicking pause because you really afraid and you just don't know what that next step is. And you know that you could be doing some financial education or more to move you forward, but you've been scared to take that step.

What are you going to leave behind? You leave that fear behind. What are you going to leave behind? And then what are the three new things you're going to pick up in 2024? It might be that you want to have a deeper understanding about investing. It might be that you actually need to sit down and figure out what your goals are, because up till now you've been running with what other people think you should do. 

What are the new things? Maybe it's a business idea, maybe it's a salary increase. What's the three new things you want to pick up? As for me, as I said, I'll be leaving the Duchess behind. For me, I want to bring new energy into 2024. And my word for the year, which I will give you a sneak peek at, is more I want more community.

I want more.

It's just it's a work in progress, but it's I want more. I want more of saying yes to the right things, more of saying no to the wrong things, more laughter, more joy, more giggling with friends, more quality time with my husband because he's going away for three months next year. I just want more next year. For me, it's about expanding.

The reason I'm leaving the Duchess behind is when you say you want more. Well, it's all about a new energy. So this is the energy that I'm bringing into 2024. I wish you the best of the whatever you do over the silly season, if you celebrate Christmas, I wish you absolutely all of the tidings of the day. 

I wish you joy and peace and knowing that you know what? Not everyone enjoys celebrating Christmas. Not everyone has a joyous day. But I hope that you find moments of joy in the day. And for 2024, my wish for you is that you become the lead character in your financial story, that you stop being the villain or the saboteur or the big part and that you decide to step back into that main character energy when it comes to your life and your finances in the New year.

I'm going to talk to you so much more about that, but that is it from us. We are the team and I is staggering away. We are having 2 to 3 weeks off and some of are two weeks, some of us are three weeks. And we really look forward to playing with you in the new year when we're back.

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