The My Financial Adulting Plan: Clare's Story

May 23, 2022

On a Friday in early December 21, 15 extraordinary women showed up to tell their money stories about how their finances have been financially transformed as a result of completing the 8 week My Financial Adulting Plan.

Clare is one of those incredible women.

I don't think we're telling our money stories, we're not celebrating our wins, talking about the things we're struggling with or sharing our hardships. Maybe it's because we're ashamed or fearful or that we think it's not polite.

Here, we want want to change that.

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You know, I didn't want anyone to know my struggles with money, cause that would be mortifying. And I didn't want it to be a thing.

I had a poor relationship with money. I think I wanted to avoid it and avoid talking about it and probably had a fear of it. You know, you grow up not talking about money. It's always been the dirty word.

So all of a sudden I went from having saved my whole life and being very much like, you know, a man is not a financial plan. And then I suddenly became a single mum to a five week old baby and I couldn't work full time anymore. And so all of a sudden everything changed.

 If I think about who I was before with my relationship with money compared to now that was like a different person. Lighter, relieved, surprised.

Definitely, you can't be too old to fix something. You can do anything at any age. And if you want to make a change in something, then make a choice to do it.

Mel is the perfect combination somehow of being really strict and hard and very real with compassionate and understanding and seeing you where you are, meeting you where you are. Teachers don't normally do that. You know the good ones do. She's pretty good. She makes me cry.

Most people aren't normally getting excited about what the future holds when you're heading towards 50. And I'm like, wow, no, this is looking good. I'm I'm excited about this. You can find excuses. It's easy. Just do it.



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