What's your one thing?

Nov 18, 2021

This week: What's your one thing?

In this video I talk about there being six weeks until the end of the year and with so many people wanting to simply write off the rest of the year, I suggest a way to keep your financial momentum going. Even if it's with baby steps.

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Hi, and welcome to Mel's Money Musings.

Now this week is a little bit of a different week and that's because I'm not dealing with a news article or a news headline and how it affects your finances. 

Instead, I wanna talk about the fact that it is six weeks until we will be sitting here celebrating New Year's Eve. Six weeks till the day, till we usher out 2021. And for many people who'll be saying, do not let the door hit you on the way out or let the door hit you on the way out. And we'll be welcoming in 2022. And from the many conversations that I've been having of late, a lot of people are starting to say, you know what? I'm exhausted, I'm tired, this year has really been a heavy year or a hard year so I'm done. 

Anything when it comes to money or finances or business or relationships or something that I was thinking of starting that I think could be hard, I'm just gonna put off to the new year because I simply don't have energy for it yet. 

And yes, in the new year, I want you to think about resetting and recovering, and we're gonna have all that great language for you when we get to Jan. But what I wanna encourage you to do is to figure out how we don't just go, Ugh, that's it. 

But to pick one thing when it comes to your finances so that you can feel like you've got some momentum and you're finishing the year well. 

So that one thing might be that if you're thinking about, uh, buying a home, or if that was something on the agenda, that you speak to a mortgage broker to figure out what you could borrow and what you should be doing now. 

That one thing might be that you contact your bank if you have a mortgage and you ask for a discount on your interest rate, which when people have been doing that inside the, my financial adulting plan, they've been getting around 0.5% off it. 

Your one thing might be that you're gonna have a financial challenge to have a thousand dollars in a buffer account by the end of the year or a thousand dollars invested in the share market by the end of the year, or that you'll have finally figured out where your superannuation is being invested and how it's being invested. And if you've got extra funds out there that you want to combine. 

I want you to pick one thing that if you, you do that, you feel like, you know what, at least I did that. And you're starting to create that momentum so that when you get to the new year, you've already started. Do you how hard it is to, to run from a standing stop versus if I'm starting to jog and I break into a sprint? So much easier when we already have movement. And you might be thinking, oh, Mel, but it's just one thing, is it really worth it? And Absofreakinglutely. Baby steps are still steps forward. 

So six weeks until the end of the year. My challenge to you is to pick one thing.

Maybe it's a pot of money that you'll find from selling, uh, things in your house or getting a second job. Whatever it is, I'd love you to let me know what you are going to choose to do.

And then when you do it, I want you to celebrate it. I want you to acknowledge the fact that this has been a freaking year, but you did that thing that you've been putting off for a while, or that you know will move you forward. Sometimes it's not necessarily when it comes to your finances the massive things that we need to tackle. Sometimes it's about just those little, teeny small steps that snowball into large ones.

As I said, when you've picked that thing you're gonna do, I'd love you to let me know. Whether you share it on Insta and tag me whether you, uh, send me an email or reply to this and let me know. It's all about creating some positive financial momentum as we head into the end of this year. Right? Have a great weekend.

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