Why does it need to be this OR that?

Feb 10, 2022

This week... I ask the question, why does it need to be this OR that?

There are so many things when it comes to our finances that we feel like we're either this or that. But what if we could be this AND that. It's a different chat and is all about challenging what inherent biases we're bringing to our finances and how that might be affecting our behaviour.

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Hey, welcome to Mel's Money Musings. Now I've just come off a retreat where I've had five days of people. So looking and feeling a little tired, this little introvert.  

 However, so this week's Money Musing is gonna be a little bit different because some of the conversations that I've been having over the last few weeks, it occurred to me is very much this OR that. And I know you would've seen a lot of these sort of things on Instagram.

Are you heels or flats? Are you shares or property? Are you sweet or savoury? And there seems to be a move to categorise us into liking this or that, and to really put us into a pigeon hole, right?

And certainly I see that a lot in finances. Do you prefer shares or property? Are you a spender or a saver? Do you like budgets or do you just free for all? 

 You know, there definitely seems to be, uh, are you this or are you that? And what I want you to do is I want you to break that habit. I want you to, I wanna challenge that thinking. And I wanna ask the question that instead of being this OR that, should you be this AND that.

Because the truth is I am both a spender and a saver. I am both an investor and a spender. I am both property and shares. I am both business and property, shares and business. I am crypto and shares. I trade shares and I invest for the long term. There is this absolute, uh, wanting to pigeonhole people when it comes to property. And I want you to realize that you are not this or that because that means that you could say, well, I'm bad with money and feel like that's true. 

 I'm bad with money at times. And I'm also incredibly good with money. I want you to understand that we can live with this AND that. And for you to start to challenge, if you, I want you to think about the things when it comes to money, where you believe that you are an OR. Think of the many different things I've said in this little short chat together. And I want you to think about what would it mean you were AND. And what that might look like for your finances.

For me, I think it's liberating. Cause it means that I don't just have to choose that. I can also play over here. And if it was always property for me, oh, I'm property not shares if it was an OR, but what if it was property AND micro-investing to put my toe in the water. You know, what could it look like if I was AND rather than OR.  

 If you've got something that you want me to cover in future Money Musings, uh, sometimes they're gonna be super specific and pragmatic like interest rates, which that one's coming. But sometimes they're going to be a little bit different like this chat today. But they're all as it's not an AND or OR, sorry, it's not an OR. It's an AND and they're all equally relevant to your finances. Uh, I hope you've had a great week and I will see you here next Friday. 

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