My Financial Adulting Story: Melissa's Story

May 17, 2022

On a Friday in early December 21, 15 extraordinary women showed up to tell their money stories about how their finances have been financially transformed as a result of completing the 8 week My Financial Adulting Plan.

Melissa is one of those incredible women.

I don't think we're telling our money stories, we're not celebrating our wins, talking about the things we're struggling with or sharing our hardships. Maybe it's because we're ashamed or fearful or that we think it's not polite.

Here, we want want to change that.

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I've always felt very heavy about money and what to do with it.  

And didn't feel like I could talk about it with people. And I think money can be quite boring.  

And some of the finance books are very dry and sometimes you just feel like you're being a bit mansplained too. 

I failed economics at high school and I've always sort of gave this money story of kind of like, oh God, I'm not good at finance. And I kind of just moved into this phase of, oh, I'm just not good with money.  

The mentality of just save and pay your mortgage was kind of what I'd sort of grown up to do and sort of felt there's gotta be something a bit more. I just was sick of feeling guilty and feeling shamed.  

I had read, I reckon 15 to 20 finance books in the last few years and feeling like I was doing something, but really I was just reading, but Mel's course got me to do what I needed to do. 

I feel very differently about money today.  

I used to feel very constricted about money, like very tight and feeling like I wasn't doing it right. Mel has a wonderful way of, um, making it fun. She made it light and she made it feel like I'm not the only one. Well, I think you can do math, but money is just a bit different.  

And I think that you've gotta move away from the story that you tell you about yourselves.  

You finish the course, but the story doesn't end. Goals will change. Life will change and I'm much more hopeful and you can learn and it can change. 


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