My Financial Adulting Plan: Jen's Story

May 23, 2022

On a Friday in early December 21, 15 extraordinary women showed up to tell their money stories about how their finances have been financially transformed as a result of completing the 8 week My Financial Adulting Plan.

Jen is one of those incredible women.

I don't think we're telling our money stories, we're not celebrating our wins, talking about the things we're struggling with or sharing our hardships. Maybe it's because we're ashamed or fearful or that we think it's not polite.

Here, we want to change that.

If you want to change your financial story like Jen has, make sure you check out the 8 week My Financial Adulting Plan. 


I didn't have a relationship with money before I did the course, which is I think why I needed to do the course.

Potentially toxic relationship, long distance relationship, arms length relationship. One that you, I, absolutely avoided trying to have for a very long time.

I think it was sort of getting to my mid forties and going, am I allowed to swear? I'm sure allowed to swear. F*ck this is really bad. Something needs to change. It was like the one area of my life where, um, I was hiding.

I don't know. I wonder if it's just because if you don't do money very well, then it's a reflection of you. We're scared of being judged for either not having enough of it or having too much of it. It doesn't feel safe to talk about money.

I love, I love money now. Let me say that. I love talking about it. I love learning about it.

It is empowering and it makes me feel free and that my goals are inevitable. Not just, you know, they're not just a pipe dream. They feel inevitable.

It's having a masterful spreadsheet that is built on me. It's built on where I'm at, where I wanna go, my needs, how I am as a person, how I want to be. And it really makes you feel like you, you own it.

Starting today you're gonna be in a better position than if you wait another month or another, you know, 12 months. And it doesn't have to be a source of shame or embarrassment or judgment. It's just a tool that helps you live the life you want.

Um, that's what Mel's course does. It helps you strip away all that judgment and shame associated with how we value money and how we value ourselves.

Your life, your financial situation will never be the same again. Do it stop thinking.

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