How to use ChatGPT to save 20% on your food bill

Jul 12, 2023

They say Artificial Intelligence is coming for our jobs and I know that concept makes many people nervous as to what the future might look like.

But when it comes to saving money and thinking about what meals to prep every single week, that’s one job AI can happily take!

I mean, imagine having your own personal chef who creates meal plans personalised for you and your household, within your budget, creates grocery lists, sources recipes and does everything but shop for you and prepare the meals. (I mean, AI is good, but it’s not quite there yet).

That’s exactly what you can get when you harness the power of AI to create solutions to reduce the dollars being spent on food and the relentless life admin of what to eat.

And the best part? The technology is absolutely free.

Here’s my tips for how to use AI to save money every single week on your food bill:

  1. Go through your bank statements for three months and calculate how much you currently spend on food and groceries. Ideally you want this to be an ordinary month so don’t include months where there is unusual spending such as holidays or Christmas. If you can’t find three sequential months then choose three individual months. Once you’ve totalled the amount (and stopped feeling ill at how much you spend on food) you want to figure out your weekly food bill. To do this, simply divide your three month total by 13 weeks.
  2. If you want to reduce your food bill (which let’s be honest, is most of us), decide how much you want to reduce it by before you use the figure as a prompt inside Chat GPT. For example, you might want to reduce weekly grocery spend by 20% per week or by $100 per week.
  3. Figure out the parameters for who is in your household and how they eat. For example, you might have dietary requirements, allergies, preferences, intolerances or you might want to eat 30g of protein every meal. You’re going to want to collate this information before you head to AI.
  4. Enter all your information including budget, household members, preferences, allergies and more into AI and ask for a 7 day meal plan including recipes and a grocery list. If there’s anything you’re not interested in that AI suggests, ask for a different option for that particular meal.
  5. Check your pantry for what you already have so you’re not doubling up and if you want to save even more money, use an app such as Shopfully or Frugl Grocery to help you find the best grocery deals and specials for the items on your list.

The best part is that Chat GPT will save your searches and learn your preferences so once you have four weeks’ worth of meal plans you’re happy with, you can keep cycling through them each week.

If you have a special occasion such as a birthday or Christmas and you’re wanting to save on meal prep there, again put in your budget and use the power of AI to save you money on those special occasion meals too.

As with all great financial habits, don’t just try it once and abandon it. AI learns every time you use it, so let it know if you don’t like particular ingredients, particular foods or if the reverse is true and you want to eat a particular type of food every single week.

If you want my free step by step guide including prompts to use and a video showing you how to do it, simply head to

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