You're ready

Jan 15, 2022

On a Friday in early December 21, 15 extraordinary women showed up to tell their money stories about how their finances have been financially transformed as a result of completing the 8 week My Financial Adulting Plan.

Honestly? I am in awe of these women. That's because some have never been on camera before and they shared so vulnerably and honestly.

There were tears (occasionally mine as well), there was laughter and there was the reminder to me that this is why I do what I do. THIS is why our course is financially transformative - because it's the only one that exists that is created by a financial expert, that covers everything from mindset to debt to investing in shares/property/business, habits, goals and importantly gives you the template and the tools to create your very own financial strategic plan. That you can adapt as you go through life.

Over the next 12 months there will be more versions of this film as well as 15 mini films telling the stories of these 15 remarkable women. But the truth is, their stories are not unique. There have been over 600 women (and a few good men) go through the My Financial Adulting Plan and there are SO many stories of financial transformation. These are just a taste of what is possible.

I hope you enjoy watching these remarkable women and even more, I hope you'll join me in the next round of the My Financial Adulting Plan - doors open 23 January. You can join the waitlist using the form below.


You're not too old…

Uh, I'm 49 years old, clinging on to 49.

I'm 51.

I'm 58

I'm 47.

5 days off from 50.

...or too young

I'm 26.

I'm 39.

I'm 32.

You're not too behind...

No one knew how broke I was or how much debt I was in because I kind of masked it.

Money has always been a bit scarce.

Virtually nothing.

I probably tell you how much debt I was in.

...or too broke(n)

My story before I met Mel was very around loss and fear.

I've never had control of money.

I think on some level I've always felt a little bit like not good enough.

There's a lot of feelings associated with money.

Probably had a fear of it.

And there's a lot of shame and embarrassment and guilt

Stressed. And, um, just wanted to run a way. Didn't wanna face it.

It'll be fine next pay day.

Stick my head in the sand and hope it goes away.

Oh, I'm just not good with money.

I always thought that I had a really good relationship with money. It turns out that I'm my really good relationship is spending money.

You're not too busy…

I'm a company director.

I'm a podiatrist. I run my own business.

I have a number of jobs. I sit on four boards.

I have two kids and I'm a single mum of two girls.

I have three children, a one year old, a two year old and a four year old.

I've got three kids and run my own business in finance, funnily enough.

I have a candle company. I'm a potter. I'm a podcaster. I write books. I do speaking. It was a big decision to do it because I've got a lot on my plate.

You are enough.

Yeah, I do feel lighter. I don't feel ashamed.

I feel more empowered. Definitely.

I love, I love money now. Let me say that.

It's exciting.

Oh, it's wonderful. It's it's awesome.

I feel much more in control, which is fantastic.

I've got $50,000 in shares and I've got a $50,000 buffer

Like, look, look, it's happening. It's happening.

It's just been life changing.

You just need to start...

So my advice to you is absolutely do the course. Like everyone can learn something from it.

The investment you make now. It's gonna come back tenfold.

Do it. Stop thinking.

Just do it. It's necessary.

Your life. Your financial situation will never be the same again.

There's nothing hard about it at all. I'll be honest. Okay. One thing I'm not great with spreadsheets. Mel loves the spreadsheet.

It's just a tool that helps you live the life you want.


Imagine how it would feel if you could financially sort yourself out in 8 weeks. Join over 1,000 others who have transformed their finances with the My Financial Adulting Plan. But hurry, doors close 24 May!